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Matinchenko, Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Credit: Yves Dejardin Collection - Yves Dejardin Collection
Russian engineer cosmonaut, 1963-1972.

Status: Deceased; Active 1963-1972. Born: 1927-09-04. Died: 1999-06-18. Birth Place: Verhhyi Mamon, Voronezh.

Graduated from Higher Air Force School, 1962 Lieutenant Colonel, and pilot, Soviet Air Force. He flew 25 missions during the Hungarian rebellion 1956. Cosmonaut training January 1963 - 21 January 1965. Completed the full training course for the Voskhod type spacecraft. Worked for Ministry of Aviation Industry. Retired in February 1992. Died in Monino village, Russian Federation.

More at: Matinchenko.

Family: Air Force Group 2 - 1963, Cosmonaut. Country: Russia. Flights: Voskhod 6. Agency: VVS. Bibliography: 4452.

1927 September 4 - .
  • Birth of Aleksandr Nikolayevich Matinchenko - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Matinchenko. Russian engineer cosmonaut, 1963-1972..

1963 January 8 - .
1963 January 10 - .
1965 July - . Launch Vehicle: Spiral 50-50.
  • Spiral cosmonaut team formed - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Dobrovolsky, Filipchenko, Kuklin, Matinchenko, Titov. Spacecraft Bus: Spiral 50-50. Spacecraft: Spiral OS.

    In 1965 the advanced project of the Mikoyan Spiral aerospace system was approved. The ambitious work plan indicted operation of a regular earth-orbit-earth reusable transportation system by the mid-1970's. With Gherman Titov as its head, a Spiral cosmonaut training group was formed (Titov, Dobrovolskiy, Filipchenko, Kuklin, Matinchenko) to train to fly the spaceplane.

1965 September 1 - . LV Family: N1. Launch Vehicle: N1 1964.
  • Voskhod/Soyuz crewing plans - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Anokhin, Artyukhin, Bykovsky, Gagarin, Katys, Kolodin, Komarov, Korolev, Matinchenko, Nikolayev, Ponomaryova, Solovyova, Volynov. Program: Voskhod, Soyuz, Lunar L3. Flight: Soyuz 1, Soyuz 2A, Soyuz s/n 3/4, Voskhod 3, Voskhod 5. Spacecraft: LK, LK-1, Soyuz 7K-L1, Soyuz 7K-LOK, Voskhod.

    Kamanin meets with Korolev at 15:00 to discuss crew plans. As Soyuz pilot candidates, Kamanin proposes Gagarin, Nikolayev, Bykovsky, Komarov, Kolodin, Artyukhin, and Matinchenko. Korolev counters by proposing supplemental training of a supplemental group of engineer-cosmonauts from the ranks of OKB-1. He calls Anokhin, his lead test pilot, informs Korolev that there are 100 engineers working at the bureau that are potential cosmonauts candidates, of which perhaps 25 would complete the selection process. Kamanin agrees to assist OKB-1 in flight training of these engineer-cosmonauts. Kamanin again proposes Volynov and Katys as prime crew for the Voskhod 3 12-15 day flight. Korolev reveals that, even though Kamanin will have the crew ready by October, the spacecraft for the flight may not yet even be ready by November - Kamanin thinks January 1966 is more realistic. The discussion turns to the female EVA flight - Ponomaryova as pilot, Solovyova as spacewalker. It is decided that a group of 6 to 8 cosmonauts will begin dedicated training in September for lunar flyby and landing missions. Korolev advises Kamanin that metal fabrication of the N1 superbooster first article will be completed by the end of 1965. The booster will have a payload to low earth orbit of 90 tonnes, and later versions with uprated engines will reach 130 tonnes payload. Korolev foresees the payload for the first N1 tests being a handful of Soyuz spacecraft.

1965 November 23 - . Launch Vehicle: Spiral 50-50.
  • Spiral spaceplane - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Belyayev, Brezhnev, Filipchenko, Gagarin, Leonov, Matinchenko, Mikoyan, Titov. Spacecraft Bus: Spiral 50-50. Spacecraft: Spiral OS.

    Gagarin, Belyayev, and Leonov are preparing for a meeting with Brezhnev. Nothing controversial is to be raised. The real issue now is to develop a winged, manned orbital spacecraft, and a winged booster stage for space launches. This will be essential to future manned military activities. Mikoyan's MiG bureau has been working on the orbital spaceplane, and Tupolev the winged booster stage. Titov, Filipchenko, and Matinchenko and a few other cosmonauts will coordinate with Mikoyan on development of the spaceplane design.

1966 March 12 - .
1966 September 2 - .
1967 Early - .
1968 April 25 - .
  • A memorial service is held for Komarov at his crash site near Omsk. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Komarov, Matinchenko.

    Over 10,000 people come out to the steppe, some driving hundreds of kilometres for the event. Kamanin discharges Matinchenko from the cosmonaut corps. He was in two bad automobile accidents on 19 and 21 April. In one of the accidents a six-year-old child was killed.

1968 April 27 - .
  • Kamanin proposes organising the cosmonauts into two detachments. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Belyayev, Leonov, Matinchenko, Popovich, Titov.

    Nikolayev is to be commander of the first group, with Leonov as his deputy. Titov would command the second group, with Popovich as his deputy. But Kamanin doesn't consider any of them to be command officer material yet. The automobile accidents of Popovich, the mess that led to Matinchenko's dismissal, the bad performance of Belyayev in his duties as chief of staff of the VVS group at Baikonur - none of these men have any discipline!

1999 June 18 - .
  • Death of Aleksandr Nikolayevich Matinchenko at Monino village, Russia. Natural causes. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Matinchenko. Russian engineer cosmonaut, 1963-1972..

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