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Encyclopedia Astronautica Index: 4

4.4KS4800 - Alternate designation for Kisha I 4.4KS4800 Solid rocket engine.
4.5-Inch BBR - American Beach Barrage Rocket.
40AL - Aerojet Nitric acid/Amine rocket engine family. 4000 lbf nominal, developed for aircraft assisted take-off applications, 1943-1948.
40ALD-3000 - Aerojet Nitric acid/Amine rocket engine. Development begun October 1943. Droppable version, pressure fed, regeneratively cooled, supplied with 331 kg of propellant. First flight 1945. Date: October 1943. Unfuelled mass: 450 kg (990 lb). Thrust: 13.33 kN (2,997 lbf). More at: Nitric acid/Amine
40XAL-4000 - Aerojet Nitric acid/Amine rocket engine. Development begun July 1943. Gasoline engine driven pumps. Also 40ALD-6000 and 60ALD-8000 versions First flight 1945. Date: July 1943. Thrust: 17.60 kN (3,957 lbf). More at: Nitric acid/Amine
41FA4 - Abbreviation for US Army 41st Field Artillery, Battalion 4.
44N6 - Article number for 218 missile.
44N6 - Article number for 218.
45AL-2600 - Aerojet Nitric acid/Amine rocket engine. Development begun June 1948. Manufacture of complete Aerobee systems First flight 1955. Date: June 1948. Thrust: 11.70 kN (2,630 lbf). More at: Nitric acid/Amine
45-KS-18,500 - Alternate designation for Antares 3.
45-KS-18,500 - Alternate designation for Star 31 Solid rocket engine.
45LR-35000 - Aerojet Nitric acid/UDMH rocket engine for Bomarc missile. Development begun 1953. Pressure-fed, uncooled, ceramic-lined engine. First flight 1959. Status: Out of Production. Date: 1946-1957. Thrust: 159.58 kN (35,876 lbf). More at: Nitric acid/UDMH
46A - Alternate designation for R-7A.
46KS - Alternate name of Resurs-DK (46KS).
48N6 - Article number for S-300FM.
48N6 - Article number for S-300P.
48N6E - Article number for S-300PMU-1 48N6E.
48N6E - Russian surface-to-air missile. Improved version of the 48N6 for the S-300PMU-1 48N6E and S-400 systems, capable of shooting down tactical ballistic missiles at incoming speeds of 4.8 km/s or hypersonic targets flying at 3.0 km/s at 150 km altitude. Gross mass: 1,700 kg (3,700 lb). Payload: 180 kg (390 lb).
48N6E2 - Article number for S-300PMU-2.
49FUE - Alternate designation for Variant S.
49-KS-7,955 - Alternate designation for Star 30E Solid rocket engine.
4D10 - Isayev N2O4/UDMH rocket engine. R-27 / RSM-25 (SS-N-6). Out of Production. First engine system to be submerged in propellant tank. One main engine chamber plus unknown number (probably 4) of steering thrusters. Thrust 226 + 29 kN. Status: Out of Production. Thrust: 255.00 kN (57,326 lbf). More at: N2O4/UDMH
4K - Manufacturer's designation for Zenit-4 military surveillance satellite.
4K10 - Article number for R-27.
4K18 - Russian intermediate range cruise missile. Trials 1973-1975. Status: Operational 1973.
4K18 - Article number for R-27K.
4K22 - Article number for RT-15M.
4K48 - Article number for P-6.
4K50 - Article number for R-13.
4K55 - Article number for R-21.
4K75 - Article number for R-29.
4K75D - Article number for R-29D.
4K75DU - Article number for R-29R.
4K75K - Article number for R-29K.
4K75R - Article number for R-29RL.
4K75RM - Article number for R-29RM.
4K87 - Russian short range cruise missile. Gross mass: 3,000 kg (6,600 lb).
4KM - Manufacturer's designation for Zenit-4M military surveillance satellite.
4KMK - Manufacturer's designation for Zenit-4MK military surveillance satellite.
4KMKM - Manufacturer's designation for Zenit-4MKM military surveillance satellite.
4KMT - Manufacturer's designation for Zenit-4MKT military surveillance satellite.
4KT - Manufacturer's designation for Zenit-4MT military surveillance satellite.
4M - LuxSpace Manfred Memorial Moon Mission, an amateur radio payload attached to the third stage of the CZ-3C that launched the Chang'e-5 flight test vehicle. Following lunar flyby on October 27, the stage was in a 141,090 km x 416,326 km x 54.2 deg orbit. Lunar fly-by, amateur communications satellite for LuxSpace, Luxembourg. Launched 2014. Status: Operational 2014. First Launch: 2014-10-23. Last Launch: 2014-10-23. Number: 1 . Gross mass: 14 kg (30 lb).
4MV - Spacecraft bus developed by Lavochkin for launch by the Proton booster on deep space and planetary missions in the late 1960's.
4NM - Alternate designation for Mars 5NM mars lander.
4th Academy - First name of Fourth Academy.
4V - Alternate designation for Venera 4V-1.
4V-1 - Manufacturer's designation for Venera 4V-1 Venus probe.
4V1M #1, 2 - Alternate name of Venera 13, 14 (4V1M #1, 2).
4V-2 - Manufacturer's designation for Venera 4V-2 Venus probe.
4Ya11 - Article Number of IS-A military anti-satellite system.

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