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Encyclopedia Astronautica Index: Q

QA - Abbreviation for Quality assurance
Qb50P - 2U Cubesat; part of a constellation of 50 CubeSats built by university teams to study the lower thermosphere.
QBScout - 2.5P PocketQube Cubesat from University of Maryland/Baltimore County.
QbX - 3U Cubesat satellite built by Pumpkin Inc of San Francisco for the National Reconnaissance Office's Colony-1 technology development project. Successful.
Qi Faren - Chinese chief designer. Chief Designer for Chinese Spacecraft, 1992-on, succeeding Qian. Led development of Shenzhou, 1992-1999. Engineering education in Russia, 1958-1960; participated in design of first Chinese satellite, DFH-1, in 1960's. Born: 1933.
Qiam 1 - Status: Active. First Launch: 2010-08-20. Last Launch: 2010-08-20. Number: 1 .
Qinetiq - Australian agency. Qinetiq, Australia.
Qom - Military testing range, located near this Iranian religious center. First Launch: 1991-05-01. Last Launch: 1991-05-01. Number: 1 .
QQW - Chinese atmospheric balloon experiment, part of the SJ series.
QSAT - Alternate name for Tsukushi.
QSO - Abbreviation for Quasi-Stellar Object
Quad - American manned lunar lander. Study 2009. Prototype lunar lander developed by Armadillo Aerospace with private funds. Quad was the only entry in the 2006 competition for the X-Prize Cup Lunar Lander challenge. Status: Study 2009. Gross mass: 680 kg (1,490 lb). Unfuelled mass: 290 kg (630 lb). Thrust: 13.40 kN (3,012 lbf). Propellants: Lox/Alcohol.
Quad Deacon - American test vehicle. Single stage vehicle consisting of 4 Deacons fired in parallel. Status: Retired 1954. First Launch: 1953-01-14. Last Launch: 1954-03-26. Number: 2 . Gross mass: 100 kg (220 lb). Thrust: 100.00 kN (22,480 lbf).
QuakeFinder - American agency. QuakeFinder, USA.
Quakesat - 3U Cubesat for Stanford University/Quakesat LLC Quakesat was to be used for detection of ELF radio emissions from seismic activity. Successful.
Quarles - American manager, secretary of the Air Force 1955 -1957, deputy secretary of defense 1957- 1959. Played a key role in the Vanguard-Jupiter satellite launcher dispute. Born: 1894. Died: 1959-01-01.
Quasar - Classified communications and data relay satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. Status: Operational 1976. First Launch: 1976-06-02. Last Launch: 2014-05-22. Number: 17 .
Quayle - American politician, Vice President 1989-1993, headed National Space Council, involved in development of space station and its conversion from a national to an international projects.
QUESTOL - Quiet, experimental, short takeoff and landing aircraft .
Quetzsat - Communications satellite series leased to Echostar.
Quick Reach - American low cost orbital launch vehicle. Family of low-cost space boosters under development by AirLaunch LLC under DARPA and NASA contracts in 2007-2008. Status: Development.
Quick Reach 1 - American low cost orbital launch vehicle. Low-cost air-launched pressure-fed liquid oxygen/propane launch vehicle developed under DARPA's Falcon program. Status: In development. Gross mass: 32,650 kg (71,980 lb). Payload: 635 kg (1,399 lb).
Quick Reach 2 - American low cost orbital launch vehicle. Enlarged version of the Quick Reach launch vehicle proposed to launch the t/Space CXV manned spacecraft. The concept built on both Quick Reach and SpaceShipOne to produce a low-cost air-launched man-rated pressure-fed liquid oxygen/propane launch vehicle. Status: Design 2005. Gross mass: 87,000 kg (191,000 lb). Payload: 3,700 kg (8,100 lb).
QuickBird - American civilian surveillance satellite. One launch, 2001.10.18. The QuickBird commercial imaging satellite was owned by DigitalGlobe (formerly EarthWatch) and used a Ball BCP2000 bus with a launch mass of 1028 kg and a dry mass of about 995 kg. Status: Operational 2001. Gross mass: 1,028 kg (2,266 lb). Unfuelled mass: 995 kg (2,193 lb).
QuikScat - American earth sea satellite. One launch, 1999.06.20. Built under a NASA rapid delivery contract. Carried the SeaWinds scatterometer for remote sensing of ocean winds. Status: Operational 1999.
QuikTOMS - The QuikTOMS satellite was a NASA-GSFC project carrying the TOMS-5 ozone mapper. QuikTOMS used a 168 kg double Microstar bus and was to have replaced TOMS instruments on a delayed Russian weather satellite and the failed ADEOS.
Quill - American surveillance radarsat. 1 launched, 1964.12.21 (OPS 3762/Agena D 2355). First test of a side-looking radar from outer space. The mission lasted only four days, as planned, delivering by radio link and a reentry capsule imagery with a resolution of 4 m over an area of 100,000 square kilometers. Status: Operational 1964. First Launch: 1964-12-21. Last Launch: 1964-12-21. Number: 1 . Gross mass: 1,250 kg (2,750 lb).
Quistgaard - European Manager. Erik Quistgaard, was the Director General of the European Space Agency from 1980-1984. As head of ESA, he oversaw the Ariane rocket's development and Spacelab's many contributions to space science.
QZS - Quasi-Zenith Satellite System using the DS2000 bus; carried L-band navigation payload to augment GPS and a C-band transponder for communications. Placed in an inclined geosynchronous orbit that brings nearly overhead of Japan at peak usage hours.

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