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Voloshin, Valeri Abramovich
Credit: Yves Dejardin Collection - Yves Dejardin Collection
Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1965-1969.

Status: Inactive; Active 1965-1969. Born: 1942-04-24. Birth Place: Yangiyul, Tashkent.

Graduated from Chernigov Higher Air Force School, 1963. Graduated from Gagarin Air Force Military Academy, Monino, 1976. Cosmonaut training November 1965 - December 1967. Involved in the Soviet Lunar Landing Program. Left cosmonaut group for medical reasons. After several military assignments (Belarus, Iraq, Afghanistan) he worked at operational staff of the Military Academy, St Petersburg. In 1994 he retired from active duty and became director of a construction company.

More at: Voloshin.

Family: Air Force Group 3 - 1965, Cosmonaut. Country: Russia, Uzbekistan. Flights: Soyuz 7K-L1 mission 3. Agency: VVS. Bibliography: 4452.

1942 April 24 - .
  • Birth of Valeri Abramovich Voloshin - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Voloshin. Russian pilot cosmonaut, 1965-1969..

1965 October 23 - .
1965 October 28 - .
1966 September 2 - . LV Family: Proton. Launch Vehicle: Proton-K.
1967 December 25 - .
  • 1965 Air Force Group cosmonaut trainees are examined. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Belousov, Grishchenko, Sharafutdinov, Skvortsov, Voloshin. Of the 18, 13 scored a '5', four scored '4', and one '3'. Belousov, Grishchenko, Skvortsov, Sharafutdinov, and Voloshin - the low scorers - are all to be dismissed from the cosmonaut corps..

1968 February 6 - .
  • L1 commander assignments agreed. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Bykovsky, Feoktistov, Leonov, Mishin, Popovich, Voloshin. Program: Lunar L1, Soyuz.

    The final medical report rejects Feoktistov's fitness to be a cosmonaut. Mishin accepts the findings of the report, but in classic manner ignores it and advocates Feoktistov be appointed as commander of the active spacecraft in the first Soyuz docking mission after return to flight. Kamanin is livid. Feoktistov has had years of training for EVA, but he has not had one day of training as a spacecraft commander, and now he wants him to command a mission due to launch in only two to three months! However agreement is finally reached on L1 commander assignments: Leonov, Bykovskiy, Popovich, Voloshin. Agreement is not reached on the second (civilian) crew member position for the flights. According to Mishin, the Soyuz and L1 flights planned from March 1 to the end of 1968 will require 16 to 18 crew members total.

1968 September 28 - .
  • Cosmonaut exams are held for Beregovoi, Shatalov, and Volynov. - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Beregovoi, Bykovsky, Klimuk, Kuklin, Leonov, Makarov, Popovich, Rukavishnikov, Sevastyanov, Shatalov, Voloshin, Volynov. Program: Soyuz, Lunar L1. Flight: Soyuz 3, Soyuz 4, Soyuz 5, Soyuz 7K-L1 mission 1, Soyuz 7K-L1 mission 2, Soyuz 7K-L1 mission 3. Spacecraft: Soyuz 7K-L1, Soyuz 7K-OK.

    The results will establish the order in which they will fly as Soyuz commanders. A 25-person board, consisting of spacecraft designers and cosmonauts, conduct the oral examinations. Each cosmonaut must answer five mandatory essay questions and select two two-part questions. All three are certified for flight and have a complete mastery of the Soyuz systems.

    Mishin and Kamanin meet and decide on L1 crews: Leonov-Makarov (with Kuklin as back-up); Bykovsky-Rukavishnikov (Klimuk back-up); and Popovich-Sevastyanov (Voloshin back-up). But that evening Leonov has yet another automobile accident. He hit a bus with his Volga at kilometre 24 near Shchelkovsky. This was his second accident in four months. Kamanin decides to prohibit him from driving automobiles for six months.

1969 July - .

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