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Bogomolov, Aleksei Fedorovich
Russian engineer. Chief Designer 1954-1988 of OKB MEI.

Born: 1913-06-02. Died: 2009-04-14.

Bogomolov supervised development of telemetry, communications, and guidance systems for many Soviet missiles, launch vehicles, and satellites.

Bogomolov graduated in 1937 from the Moscow Energetics Institute. A brilliant student, he stayed there after graduation and in 1954 was made head of a design bureau within the institute for development of rocket electronics systems. He was made a full professor of the institute in 1958. Among his many accomplishments were development of the radio system for the Molniya-1 satellite and its Orbita ground segment.


Obituary: The management and the staff of the S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia extend their sincere condolences to the work team of FGUP OKB MEI (Special Design Bureau at Moscow Power Engineering Institute), to relatives and friends on the death of the Hero of Socialist Labor, the winner of Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the USSR, full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Doctor of Engineering, one of the founders and directors of OKB MEI, Alexei Fedorovich Bogomolov. A.F. Bogomolov was an active participant in the Great Patriotic War, served as a platoon commander, then as a radar engineer for air-defense units on the Leningrad Front. He was awarded the order of the Red Banner and medals "For Defense of Leningrad", "For the Victory over Germany". Bogomolov's contribution to the development of the Russian space science is enormous. He was a member of the Council of Chief Designers headed by S.P. Korolev who held him in high regard and confidence. An outstanding manager and scientist in the field of radio telemetry, trajectory measurements, phase location finding and antenna systems, A.F. Bogomolov was the head of OKB MEI for 35 years, who in a few years turned it into a powerful research and design organization, which, for decades, has been effectively cooperating with S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia in developing the rocket and space hardware and manned space flight. Under his leadership the team of OKB MEI developed the radio telemetry and measurement equipment that supported the development and testing of the early ballistic and intercontinental missiles, the launch of the first artificial Earth satellites, conducting scientific experiments in space. At the suggestion of A.F. Bogomolov, the manned spacecraft had video transmission equipment installed in them in order to monitor the cosmonauts' condition. The flights of all the cosmonauts, from Gagarin to Leonov and Belyaev, were supported by TV, telemetry and trajectory measurement equipment developed at OKB MEI. Under his direction an information and measurement system for the "Cosmos"-series satellites was developed, there have been more than 2000 successful launches using this equipment, work has been done to provide TV broadcasting signal across the country, antennas were built with 32- and, later on, with 64-meter reflectors to support communications with interplanetary robotic spacecraft launched to the planets of the Solar System. Radio-telescopes were built that have full-revolving reflectors 64 meters in diameter and state of the art transmitting and receiving equipment, data processing and presentation devices, computer center, internal and international communication links. Built on their basis was a data receiving station that provided reception of scientific data from robotic interplanetary spacecraft "Venera-15", "Venera-16", "Vega", "Phobos" and other. In-depth studies of problems involved in radar mapping were conducted. Using a specially developed space radar installed on "Venera-15" and "Venera-16" spacecraft, the northern hemisphere of Venus was mapped and an atlas of its surface was published. For distinguished service to the Fatherland and an outstanding contribution to space studies Alexei Bogomolov was awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist Labor, 3 orders of Lenin, A.S. Popov Gold Medal from the USSR Academy of Sciences, Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR. Alexei Fedorovich Bogomolov will forever remain in our memory as an outstanding personality, a prominent scientist and an organizer of scientific research, an associate of S.P. Korolev and one of our country's leading specialists in the field of command and measuring systems, who made a significant contribution to the study of space.

Country: Russia. Bibliography: 445.

1913 June 2 - .
1961 March 7 - . LV Family: R-7. Launch Vehicle: Vostok 8K72K.
1964 October 1 - .
1965 February 16 - .
1970 February 27 - .
1970 September 23 - .
2009 April 14 - .

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