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MegSat, Gruppo Meggiorin, Brescia, Italy. Builder of the first private Italian satellites, Megsats were microsatellites designed to transmit scientific and commercial data. Italian communications technology satellite. Communication (store & forward) satellite for MegSat, Italy. Launched 1999-2000. Used MegSat Bus.

Status: Operational 1999. First Launch: 1999-04-28. Last Launch: 2000-09-26. Number: 2 . Gross mass: 35 kg (77 lb). Height: 0.40 m (1.31 ft).

MegSat-0 was the first private Italian satellite. Built by MegSat, the Space Division within the Meggiorin group of Brescia, it was a cube-shaped microsatellite technological demonstrator, with a 45 cm side and a 34 Kg weight. From its 580-Km / 51 deg inclination orbit it transmitted scientific and commercial data. The project engineers introduced a number of innovative systems providing improved speed, quality of acquisition, and management of data. MegSat-0 demonstrated full autonomous management of its microsatellites design from its own ground station in Brescia.

In 2000 the second craft, MegSat-1 weighing more than 50 Kg, was to be launched to a height of 1,000km in a near polar orbit with a 81 deg inclination.

Italian entrepreneur Meggiorin initially invested 5 million Euro to develop the MegSat microsatellites within the laboratories of Meggiorin group in Brescia. MegSat concentrated on lightening and simplifying systems on board and on the ground, so to remarkably reduce program time and managing costs, and to offer final users a profitable and cost effective service. MegSats were designed to provide for environmental monitoring, by means of surface terminals with an autonomous telecommunication systems working on solar power, and for remote reading and managing of utility meters (gas, water, electrical power, heat etc.).

More at: Megsat.

Family: Communications technology sat, Medium earth orbit, Technology. Country: Italy. Spacecraft: Megsat. Launch Vehicles: R-14, Kosmos 3, Kosmos 11K65M, R-36M 15A14, R-36M2 15A18M, Dnepr. Launch Sites: Kapustin Yar, Baikonur, Kapustin Yar LC107/1, Baikonur LC109. Bibliography: 2, 4, 552, 554, 12816.

1999 April 28 - . 20:30 GMT - . Launch Site: Kapustin Yar. Launch Complex: Kapustin Yar LC107/1. Launch Pad: LC107/pad?. LV Family: R-14. Launch Vehicle: Kosmos 11K65M.
  • Megsat-0 - . Mass: 35 kg (77 lb). Nation: Italy. Agency: RVSN. Manufacturer: MegSat. Class: Technology. Type: Communications technology satellite. Spacecraft: Megsat. Decay Date: 2003-11-04 . USAF Sat Cat: 25722 . COSPAR: 1999-022B. Apogee: 597 km (370 mi). Perigee: 544 km (338 mi). Inclination: 48.5000 deg. A small technology satellite which carried an experimental high rate data transmission payload..

2000 September 26 - . 10:05 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC109. Launch Pad: LC109/95. LV Family: R-36M. Launch Vehicle: Dnepr.
  • MegSat-1 - . Mass: 50 kg (110 lb). Nation: Italy. Agency: Makeyev bureau. Manufacturer: MegSat. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: MegSat. USAF Sat Cat: 26546 . COSPAR: 2000-057B. Apogee: 649 km (403 mi). Perigee: 643 km (399 mi). Inclination: 64.5574 deg. Period: 97.56 min. Research satellite owned and built by MegSat Space Division, part of the Gruppo Meggiorin companies in Brescia, Italy..

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