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Almaz APOS
Part of Almaz Family


Forward view of Almaz space station - original configuration. From left to right note stowed solar panels, sunshade for Agat reconnaissance camera extending below first station compartment, VA re-entry capsule and its launch escape rocket.
Credit: © Dietrich Haeseler

Russian manned space station. Cancelled 1966. The initial Almaz phase 1 configuration as conceived in 1965 included a single-launch station with its own VA crew return re-entry module.

AKA: 11F71+111F74;APOS. Status: Cancelled 1966. Thrust: 7.84 kN (1,763 lbf). Gross mass: 19,900 kg (43,800 lb). Specific impulse: 291 s.

In the 1970's plans for launch of an Almaz equipped with a VA would be renewed - but at the expense of most of the station's sensor payload, which would be delivered by TKS ferries.

Crew Size: 3. Spacecraft delta v: 100 m/s (320 ft/sec).

Family: Space station, Space station orbit. Country: Russia. Engines: RD-0225. Launch Vehicles: Proton, Proton-K. Propellants: N2O4/UDMH. Agency: Chelomei bureau, MOM. Bibliography: 376, 443, 474.
Photo Gallery

Almaz 1965Almaz 1965

Almaz forward viewAlmaz forward view
Forward view of Almaz space station - original configuration, Note crew couches in cutaway view of VA re-entry capsule interior. The Almaz was actually flown without the VA. Also note the orientation engines just below the VA attachment collar.
Credit: © Dietrich Haeseler

Rear view of AlmazRear view of Almaz
Rear view of Almaz model. Note the two manoeuvring engines flanking the docking collar, the stowed solar panels, and the guides for aft interstage separation
Credit: © Dietrich Haeseler

Almaz interiorAlmaz interior
Close-up view of interior of Almaz space station. Note large white film cassettes of reconnaissance camera, and cosmonaut at the control station of the camera systems.
Credit: © Dietrich Haeseler

Almaz OriginalAlmaz Original
Almaz - Early configuration with VA return capsule.
Credit: © Reginaldo Miranda Jr

1964 February 15 - .
  • American space plans - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Bykovsky, Gagarin. Spacecraft: Almaz APOS, MOL, Soyuz PPK, Soyuz R.

    Following an overview of the planned trip of Bykovsky and Gagarin to Sweden and Norway on 1-15 March, American military space plans are reviewed. There are many fantastic projects, over a wide and well-financed front. Currently reconnaissance satellites are flying, to be followed by inspection, and then anti-satellite satellites in 3 to 5 years. After that manned military space stations are planned, manoeuvrable manned spacecraft, and the establishment of scientific and military bases on the moon. Despite this big US program, the Soviet military leadership shows no interest in Russian exploitation of space for military purposes.

1964 October 12 - . LV Family: Proton. Launch Vehicle: Proton-K.
  • Almaz project starts - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Chelomei. Spacecraft: Almaz APOS, Soyuz R.

    The day before the overthrow of his patron, Chelomei obtained permission to begin development of a larger military space station, the Almaz. This 20 tonne station would take three cosmonauts to orbit in a single launch of his UR-500K Proton rocket. Therefore there were now two competing projects for the same mission - Almaz and Soyuz-R. First flight of the Almaz, with a one year operational period, was set for 1968.

1965 January 1 - .
  • Almaz space station development authorised. - . Nation: Russia. Spacecraft Bus: Almaz. Spacecraft: Almaz APOS. Central Committee of the Communist Party and Council of Soviet Ministers Decree 'On work on space stations at OKB-52' was issued..

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