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Akiyama, Toyohiro
Credit: www.spacefacts.de
Japanese journalist cosmonaut 1989-1990. First Japanese to fly in space.

Status: Inactive; Active 1989-1990. Born: 1942-07-22. Spaceflights: 1 . Total time in space: 7.91 days. Birth Place: Setagaya Ward.

Japanese journalist for TBS Tokyo Broadcasting System. He had also worked for the BBC in London (1967 - 1971). Flew into space on a commercial Japanese journalist flight. Reporter for the Japanese TBS Tokyo Broadcasting System. Deputy Director of the TBS News Division. Resigned in 1995 from TBS to pursue private interests.

More at: Akiyama.

Family: Cosmonaut, Japanese Commercial Group - 1989. Country: Japan. Spacecraft: Mir. Flights: Soyuz TM-10, Soyuz TM-11 Kosmoreporter. Agency: Tokyo Broadcasting. Bibliography: 4452, 5094.
Photo Gallery

Mir TM-11Mir TM-11
Akiyama and Afanasyev before flight.
Credit: RKK Energia

1942 July 22 - .
  • Birth of Tohiro Akiyama - . Nation: Japan. Related Persons: Akiyama. Japanese journalist cosmonaut. Flew on Mir Kosmoreporter. First Japanese to fly in space..

1989 August 17 - .
  • Japanese Commercial Cosmonaut Training Group selected. - . Nation: Japan. Related Persons: Akiyama, Kikuchi. Japanese journalists trained for a commercial flight to the Mir space station..

1990 December 2 - . 08:13 GMT - . Launch Site: Baikonur. Launch Complex: Baikonur LC1. LV Family: R-7. Launch Vehicle: Soyuz-U2.
  • Soyuz TM-11 - . Call Sign: Derbent (Derbent - Russian city). Crew: Afanasyev, Akiyama, Manarov. Backup Crew: Artsebarsky, Kikuchi, Krikalyov. Payload: Soyuz TM s/n 61. Mass: 7,150 kg (15,760 lb). Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Afanasyev, Akiyama, Artsebarsky, Kikuchi, Krikalyov, Manarov. Agency: MOM. Program: Mir. Class: Manned. Type: Manned spacecraft. Flight: Soyuz TM-10, Soyuz TM-11, Soyuz TM-11 Kosmoreporter. Spacecraft Bus: Soyuz. Spacecraft: Soyuz TM. Duration: 175.08 days. Decay Date: 1991-05-26 . USAF Sat Cat: 20981 . COSPAR: 1990-107A. Apogee: 400 km (240 mi). Perigee: 367 km (228 mi). Inclination: 51.6000 deg. Period: 92.20 min.

    Docked with Mir. Mir Expedition EO-08. Transported to the Mir manned orbital station the international crew consisting of the cosmonauts V M Afanasyev, M Kh Manarov, and T Akiyami (Japan) for the purpose of carrying out joint work with the cosmonauts G M Manakov and G M Strekalov. Launched jointly with the private Japanese company TBS. The Japanese television network ended up paying $ 28 million for the first commercial flight to Mir to put Akiyama, the first journalist in space aboard Soyuz TM-11. Akiyama made daily television broadcasts.

1990 December 10 - .

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