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Teledesic 1
Teledesic 1
Credit: Manufacturer Image
The Teledesic Corporation system was announced in 1994, and was to have provided global communication links via a constellation of 288 LEO spacecraft. However by the time the first satellite was launched in 1998, the medium-earth orbit satellite bubble had burst and the project was abandoned.

AKA: BATSAT;Microstar. Status: Operational 1998. First Launch: 1998-02-26. Last Launch: 1998-02-26. Number: 1 .

The system would provide "fiber-optic like" links to customers around the world.

The system would have acted as a network operator and support communications ranging from high-quality voice channels to broadband channels supporting video-conferencing, interactive multimedia and real-time two-way digital data flow. Teledesic was backed by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Craig McCaw, founder of McCaw Cellular Communications Inc. The system would have used Ka-band to send and receive signals from users. Each satellite would have acted as a node in a large-scale packet-switching network. Service was planned to begin in 2002. Total cost of the project was estimated at $9 billion.

The spacecraft was 3-axis stabilized. The large solar panel was articulated to remain sun pointing. The satellite was designed to be compatible with over 20 different launch vehicles to permit launch option flexibility. The antenna footprint for each satellite was about 700 km, using a large deployed phased array antenna.

As announced by Gates/McCaw on 21 March 1994, total cost was $ 9 billion for 840 Ka band low earth orbit satellites. This was revised on 29 April 1997 to 12 planes x 24 satellites - still $ 9 billion, but now for satellites. Boeing was awarded the satellite contract on 30 April 1997.

Family: Communications, Sun synchronous orbit. Country: USA. Spacecraft: Teledesic. Launch Vehicles: Pegasus, Pegasus XL. Launch Sites: Point Arguello WADZ. Agency: OSC. Bibliography: 2, 276, 4.

1994 March 21 - .
1997 April 30 - .
1998 February 26 - . 07:07 GMT - . Launch Site: Point Arguello. Launch Complex: Point Arguello WADZ. Launch Pad: Aircraft from Vandenberg.. Launch Platform: L-1011. LV Family: Pegasus. Launch Vehicle: Pegasus XL.

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