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Moshchenko, Sergei Ivanovich
Credit: www.spacefacts.de
Russian engineer cosmonaut, 1996-2009.

Status: Inactive; Active 1996-2009. Born: 1954-01-12. Birth Place: Krekshino state farm, Moscow.

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute with a mechanical engineer diploma, 1980 State Space Scientific Industrial Centre named for Khrunichev. Selected as a cosmonaut candidate and joined the Air Force cosmonaut group as a civilian. Cosmonaut training September 19, 1997 - November 19, 1999.

Official NASA Biography as of June 2016:Sergei Ivanovich Moschenko
Cosmonaut candidate of Khrunichev State Scientific Production Center

PERSONAL DATA: Born January 12, 1954, in Kreksheno, Narofominsk district, Moscow Region. His parents, Ivan Iosifovich Moschenko and Anna Ivanovna, reside in Vnukovo, Moscow Region. Single. His hobbies include cars, skiing, and underwater swimming

EDUCATION: In 1971, Moschenko finished high school in Vnukovo, Moscow Region, and entered the Aircraft Department of the Moscow Aviation Institute. From 1973-75 he served in the paratroops. In 1975, Moschenko resumed studying at the institute from which he graduated in 1980 as a mechanical engineer. In 1975-76 he completed Yak-12 theoretical and practical training. In 1977-78 he completed Yak-18 theoretical and practical training at Serpukhov aviation club. In 1994 he completed Yak-52 flight training.

EXPERIENCE: Since 1980, Moschenko has been working at the Khrunichev State Scientific Production Center as engineer and engineer-designer. He participated in development of nodes and mechanisms for the "Salyut" and "Mir" space stations and their modules. He holds patents for implemented inventions. He also participated in final flight preparations for the launch of the "Salyut" and "Mir" stations.

He has logged 148 flight hours in Yak-12, Yak-18 and Yak-52. Moschenko performed 96 parachute jumps.

He was selected as a test-cosmonaut candidate of the Khrunichev Center Cosmonaut Office in December 1997. Moschenko finished basic space training.

Moschenko is assigned to the ISS-7 crew as a flight engineer.


More at: Moshchenko.

Family: Cosmonaut. Country: Russia. Agency: Chelomei bureau. Bibliography: 4452.

1954 January 12 - .
1997 February 1 - .

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