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Mueller, Otto
German engineer. Member of German Rocket Team in France after WW2.

Born: 1910-07-20. Died: 2002-03-02.

German expert in guided missiles during World War II. On 17 May 1946 a location in the forest on the plateau of Vernon was chosen as the site for the Laboratory for Ballistic and Aerodynamic Research (LRBA). Here German specialists would be brought to assist France in development of a ballistic missile. Herbert Weiss had worked at Cuxhaven, and returned to Emmendingen thereafter. He talked to other German engineers about French rocket plans, including Jauernick and Habermann. It was agreed to send Doctor Graf to Paris in May 1946 to negotiate contracts between the scientists and the French government. By 15 May 1946 35 Peenemuende veterans at Cuxhaven had signed contracts with the French. Until the facility at Vernon could be completed, the French organised the German engineers in two groups. The Emmendingen Research Office was organised with Jauernick as Head of the Engine Group, and Otto Mueller in charge of the Guidance Group. Another 12 engineers were organised at Puteaux outside Paris. As of January 1947, Americans still knew Mueller's address only as "c/o Klinger", British Zone. Between March and May 1947 all of these engineers, by then around 90 in number, were moved to the new LRBA facilities at Vernon. The group had already been completing preliminary design work on a 40 metric ton thrust hypergolic engine for the Super V-2. Mueller worked in France as head of the guidance division of LRBA from 1947-1952.

tto Müller was born in East Germany. He lost his father at the age of six and remained an only child; his mother never remarried. He broke from family tradition by doing graduate studies at Frankfurt and Darmstadt. There he met Catherine Becker, who was an only child as well. He married her in 1938. He became an assistant professor at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, until recruited to join von Braun's rocket team in Peenemuende. He specialized in development of the V-2 flight control system. After the war he accepted employment by the French, moving to Vernon, at a site far from the city. He worked on the Veronique, Parca, and Diamant rockets. However life was difficult amid the hostile French population and the at first spartan living accomodations. He retired in France, travelling in Asia, until his death.

Country: France, Germany. Bibliography: 1980, 394, 5808.

1910 July 20 - .
2002 March 2 - .

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