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High earth orbit
Category of spacecraft.


S-2 American earth magnetosphere satellite. Explorer 6. First Earth photo; radiation data.

P-14 American solar satellite. Magnetic field data.

EPE American solar satellite. Radiation and solar wind data.

ERS American earth magnetosphere satellite.merican earth magnetosphere satellite. Environmental Research Satellites were especially designed for piggyback launching from large primary mission vehicles.

TRS American technology satellite. TRS satellites undertook a range of engineering experiments related to radiation-hardening of solar cells and spacecraft electronics.

Vela American nuclear detection surveillance satellite. The Vela (meaning "watchman" in Spanish) series of spacecraft were designed to monitor world-wide compliance with the 1963 nuclear test ban treaty.

IMP American earth magnetosphere satellite.

Elektron-B Russian earth magnetosphere satellite. The Elektron mission was one of the earliest Soviet satellites to be authorized following the initial Sputnik series.

OGO American earth magnetosphere satellite.

Advanced Vela American nuclear detection surveillance satellite.

OV5 American earth magnetosphere satellite. OV5 was a version of the USAF Environmental Research Satellites dedicated to radiation research and VLF plasma wave detection.

Solrad American solar satellite. SOLRAD was Satellite Techniques' first major project and NRL's first post-Vanguard satellite.

HEOS European earth magnetosphere satellite. Highly Eccentric Orbiting Satellite; examined magnetic fields outside of Earth's magnetosphere.

SSS American earth magnetosphere satellite. Explorer 45. Studies magnetosphere, energetic particles.

SRET French technology satellite. Test satellite.

Prognoz Russian earth magnetosphere satellite. This spacecraft, built by Lavochkin, was launched from 1972 for study of geomagnetic fields, radiation, and solar physics.

Hawkeye American solar satellite. Explorer 52. Solar wind experiments. Follow-on to Injun.

COS European technology satellite. CERS/ESRO satellite, first European Space Agency satellite. Studied extraterrestrial gamma radiation in the 25 MeV to 1 GeV energy range.

ESA-Geos European earth magnetosphere satellite. Magnetospheric research. European Space Agency satellite.

ISEE American earth magnetosphere satellite. These Explorer-class heliocentric spacecraft were part of the mother/daughter/heliocentric mission (ISEE 1, 2, and 3).

Magion Czech earth magnetosphere satellite. The Czechoslovak satellite MAGION researched the magnetosphere and ionosphere of the earth.

SCATHA American communications technology satellite.

CAT European technology satellite.

Dynamics Explorer American earth magnetosphere satellite. Spacecraft engaged in research and exploration of the upper atmosphere or outer space.

Astron Russian x-ray astronomy satellite. Astrophysics satellite based on the Venera 4V-2 bus design. Electrophysical research of galactic and extragalactic sources of ultraviolet ray and X-ray emission.

Exosat European x-ray astronomy satellite. EXOSAT was a space research satellite of the European Space Agency.

AMPTE American earth magnetosphere satellite. Charge Composition Explorer; detected tracer ions released into magnetosphere by IRM.

Viking (Sweden) Swedish earth magnetosphere satellite. Viking. Sweden's first satellite, Viking, was originally initiated as a means of providing experience in satellite system development and management.

Granat Russian x-ray astronomy satellite. Granat was a Lavochkin design with the mission of making gamma ray observations in energy ranges of 3 to 200 keV.

CRRES American earth magnetosphere satellite. Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite. Chemical release experiment.

KRT-25 Radio Telescope Russian radio astronomy satellite. Study 1990. In collaboration with the European Space Agency, a 25 m diameter space radio telescope was studied for launch by Energia in 2001.

Geotail Japanese earth magnetosphere satellite. Measured magnetosphere and Earth's geomagnetic tail; Diffuse Ultraviolet Explorer package bolted to Delta 2 second stage.

STRV British technology satellite.

Wind American earth magnetosphere satellite. Wind was designed to provide continuous measurement of the solar wind, particularly charged particles and magnetic field data.

Prognoz-M Russian earth magnetosphere satellite. Interbol was originally an Intercosmos project with a launch planned for the late 1980's.

ISO European infrared astronomy satellite. Infrared astrophysics.

Polar American earth magnetosphere satellite. Polar was designed to measure the entry, energization, and transport of plasma into the magnetosphere as part of the International Solar Terrestrial Program (ISTP).

Haruka Japanese radio astronomy satellite. The Muses B satellite was renamed 'Haruka', meaning 'Far-away', after launch. It formed the space segment of the VLBI Space Observatory Program.

MAQSAT European technology satellite. MAQSATs were mass model and technology satellites built by Kayser-Threde, Munich, and lofted during the test flights of the Ariane 5.

YES European tether technology satellite. Young Engineers Satellite sponsored by the European Space Tech.

Equator-S German earth magnetosphere satellite. German geophysics satellite.

Kakehashi Japanese communications satellite. Name means 'Bridge', was called Communications and Broadcasting Experimental Test Satellite (COMETS) before launch. It contained Ka-band communications and inter-satellite data relay payloads.

Chandra American x-ray astronomy satellite.

XMM European x-ray astronomy satellite. ESA's X-ray Multi-Mirror space observatory was the biggest science satellite ever built in Europe. The spacecraft's X-ray optics covered a spectral range of 1-120 nanometers (12keV-0.1keV).

IMAGE American solar satellite. The IMAGE spacecraft imaged remote particle populations in the magnetosphere.

Cluster 2 European earth magnetosphere satellite.

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