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Enomoto, Daisuke 'Dice-K'
Enomoto, Daisuke 'Dice-K'
Credit: www.spacefacts.de
Japanese businessman cosmonaut, 2002-2006.

Status: Inactive; Active 2002-2006. Born: 1971-04-22. Birth Place: Matsudo, Chiba.

Enomoto was to have flown to the International Space Station in September 2006. However just one month before launch, on 21 August 2006, the Russian Federal Space Agency announced that he had been found unfit for flight for medical reasons, and his backup, Anousheh Ansari, would fly instead. It seemed his medical situation was such that it might be possible for him to fly at a later date.

Official Biography - March 2006

Dice-K (Daisuke) Enomoto will be the first private astronaut from Japan and Asia. He is a 34 year old, Japanese businessman and entrepreneur with a passion for space. Until 2003 Dice-K was the Executive Vice President, Chief Strategic Officer and board member of Livedoor, (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4753 ) a publicly traded information technology company.

At Livedoor, Dice-K managed and led the groups M&A activities along with strategic licensing in the software, network game and IT service divisions.

Currently, Dice-K is an independent investor, providing investment and strategic business advisory services for selected companies including NetVillage, a leading mobile content provider listed on Japan's Hercules market (Hercules: 2323), and Astrix Capital Partners, a privately held venture capital investment firm.

Prior to Livedoor, Dice-K started and ran venture companies that included:

1994: EXA Co., Ltd (Tokyo). Sales of Taiwanese and Hong Kong Computer Peripherals (Modem etc.) in Japan (sold)

1996: EXasia Hong Kong Limited. (Hong Kong) Internet service provider and systems consulting to Japanese residents in Hong Kong (sold but still in operations in HK)

1998: Pro-G Group Co. Ltd. (Tokyo). Sales and Localization of leading international software products for the Japanese market. (acquired by Livedoor)

Dice-K is a sports car and go-kart enthusiast with a passion for sailing and spending time with his two young children.


Departed Date: 2006-08-21. Marital Status: Married. Children: Two daughters..

More at: Enomoto.

Family: Cosmonaut. Country: Japan. Flights: Soyuz TMA-9 ISS EP-11. Bibliography: 5357.

1971 April 22 - .

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