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Volynkin, Yuvenaliy Mikhailovich
Russian officer. Director of Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine 1960-1969.

Born: 1907-02-07.



There are people whose life has many directions and wide scope- their endeavors are particularly remarkable, and their personal charm ' compels all those around them to treat them with the deepest respect Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich Volynkin, a brilliant specialist, excellent organizer, ardent patriot and remarkable human being, is unquestionably such a person. In l932 Volynkin graduated from the Military Medical Academy imeni S.M.Kirov. Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich first came into aviation medicine as a medical laboratory technician, then as head of the psychophysiological laboratory. In 1936, Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich was promoted to the post of senior inspector for medical support of high-altitude and high-speed flights, where his great organizational talents were manifested.

In 1939, Yu. M. Volynkin participated in the Soviet-Finnish War, as head of an evacuation hospital. He was an active participant in creating the hospital base of the Eighth Army. This was the birth of a great organizer. The Great Patriotic War found Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich as one of the heads of the Main Military Medical Administration of the Soviet Army. Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich developed and created new and original structures of the medical service of the combat units of the USSR Armed Forces. He was directly involved in implementing formation of a network of front-line hospital bases and deployment of a network of educational medical institutions Training of qualified medical personnel for the Armed Forces was implemented under the direct supervision of Yu.M. Volynkin. In 1951, Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich was assigned deputy head of the Military Medical Academy imeni b. M. Kirov, where he implemented major organizational and methodological changes.

From 1954 to 1968, Yu. M. Volynkin implemented a number of brilliant organizational measures; he displayed a profoundly creative approach to planning and performance of difficult scientific work in the field of aviation and space research.

During this period, screening and training of the first cosmonauts were implemented under his immediate supervision; the principles of medical and medicaltechnical support of space flights in our country were substantiated at this time.

In 1969, Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich was transferred to the reserves with the rank of Lt General. Since then and to the present time, as assistant to the director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems, USSR Ministry of Health, Yu. M. Volynkin is successfully solving all of the organizational-methodological and planning problems pertaining to scientific research at this institute. We are particularly proud to have had the opportunity to be with this charming man, wise organizer and expert with enormous experience. The government has shown its appreciation to Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich Volynkin for his brilliant handling of large and responsible State assignments, his exceptional industriousness and high degree of versatile qualifications; he is the recipient of two Orders of Lenin, orders of the Red Banner and Red Banner of Labor, three orders of the Red Star and many medals. Along with his numerous disciples and comrades in arms, we sincerely wish Yuvenaliy Mikhaylovich Volynkin good health and new creative achievements for the good of our Great Homeland.

Country: Russia. Bibliography: 474.

1907 February 7 - .

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