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Storm Shadow
British air-to-surface missile. Joint British/French long-range air-launched cruise missile. First used operationally in Iraq War of 2003.

AKA: CASOM;Scalp EG;Storm. Gross mass: 1,300 kg (2,800 lb). Height: 5.09 m (16.70 ft). Diameter: 0.95 m (3.11 ft). Span: 2.90 m (9.50 ft).

Following an international competition involving six companies, Matra BAe Dynamics UK (MBD) was selected to meet the RAFís Staff Requirement for a Conventionally Armed Stand Off Missile (CASOM). The contract was placed with MBD in February 1997. MBDís Storm Shadow system was based on proven technology used in the French Apache anti-runway missile.

Storm Shadow was an air-launched, conventionally-armed, long-range, stand-off, precision weapon, which was deployable at night or day, in most weather and operational conditions. It was developed to attack and destroy a wide spectrum of static, high value targets, such as Command, Control and Communication facilities, airfield and port facilities, arms depots, ships and submarines in port, and bridges. Storm Shadow was used on Tornado GR4/4A and Typhoon aircraft. The warhead was optimised for use against hardened targets.

The Storm Shadow missile requirement included long range, fire and forget, with fully autonomous guidance, low level terrain following, and stealth design

The Storm Shadow weapon system comprises the operational missile and its All Up Round Container (AURC); Mission Planning Infrastructure; a Data Programming System; and a Ground/Air Training missile (GATM) and its AURC.

The following major modifications were made to the Apache missile to meet the Storm Shadow requirements: new guidance and navigation based on TERPROM [TERrain PROfile Matching] terrain navigation with an integrated GPS; terminal guidance using imaging infra-red sensor and autonomous target recognition system; and high lethality by the use of a BROACH [Bomb Royal Ordnance Augmented Charge] unitary warhead.

The programme value was estimated at £981 million. 500 to 1,000 were to be built. The contract for the development and production of Storm Shadow was placed with Matra BAe Dynamics (UK) Ltd in February 1997 after a competitive tender exercise. This was one of the first contracts to be placed with this contractor. Matra BAe Dynamics (UK) Ltd was a subsidiary of Matra BAe Dynamics SAS, a company jointly owned by BAe plc and Lagardere SCA.

Matra BAe Dynamics (France) Ltd won the SCALP EG contract from the French Government. SCALP EG is the same weapon as Storm Shadow apart from national aspects related to both countries.

Country: UK. Agency: MATRA BAE Dynamics.

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