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Interkosmos-2 astronaut group, 1978

Part of Astronaut Selection Groups Family
Requirement: pilots from friendly socialist countries to visit Salyut space stations for propaganda purposes on Soyuz ferry-exchange missions.

Date: 1978.

More at: Interkosmos-2 astronaut group, 1978.


Ivanov, Georgi Bulgarian pilot cosmonaut 1978-1979. First Bulgarian astronaut. Changed his name when he was selected for cosmonaut training because Kakalov had a scatological meaning in Russian. Later member of the Bulgarian Parliament.

Tamayo Mendez Cuban pilot cosmonaut 1978-1980. First Cuban astronaut. First person of African descent to fly in space. Graduated from Air Force Academy Pilot, Cuban Air Force. Director of the Organization for Civil Defense in Cuba.

Dediu Romanian pilot cosmonaut, 1978-1981. Rumanian Air Force. Served in the Rumanian Army as Lieutenant Colonel, stationed in Bucharest.

Gurragcha Mongolian pilot cosmonaut 1978-1981. First Mongolian astronaut. Graduated from Zhukovsky Military Engineering Academy, 1977. Aeronautic engineer, Mongolian Air Force. From 2000 Mongolian Secretary of Defense.

Ganzorig Mongolian pilot cosmonaut, 1978-1981.

Farkas Hungarian pilot cosmonaut 1978-1980. First Hungarian to fly in space.

Magyari Hungarian pilot cosmonaut 1978-1980. Graduated from Gyorgy Kilian military pilot school, 1969. Graduated from Budapest Technical University, 1986. Aeronautical engineer and pilot, Hungarian Air Force. Involved in space research work.

Lopez Falcon Cuban pilot cosmonaut, 1978-1980. Graduated from Carlos Ullo military pilot school, 1967. Graduated from Gagarin Military Academy, Monino. Cuban Air Force Captain and pilot. Continued service as a pilot in the Cuban Air Force.

Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Bulgarian pilot cosmonaut 1978-1988. Graduated from Air Force Academy, 1974. Candidate of technical sciences degree, 1983. Lieutenant Colonel, Bulgarian Air Force.

Prunariu Romanian engineer cosmonaut 1978-1981. First Rumanian astronaut.

Family: Cosmonaut.

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