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Dadieu, Armin
German engineer, SS Officer, and wartime governor of Styria. Worked on German uranium processing in World War 2, and for Saenger post-war. By the 1970's on review committees for post-Apollo space programs in US and Europa III LV in Europe. Consultant to West German government on OTRAG.

Born: 1901-08-20. Died: 1978-04-06.

Dadieu was responsible in during World War II for uranium storage and handling research in Styria, Austria. After the war he became involved in rocketry and spaceflight, working with Eugen Saenger in the 1950's. By the 1970's he was on committees on Post-Apollo space programs in the United States and reviewing the potential Europa III launch vehicle. He later was a consultant to the West German government on the work of OTRAG.

Armin Dadieu was an Austrian chemist, a National Socialist politician, and high-ranking SS officer.

Armin Dadieu was born in 1901 in Brunn bei Maribor, the son of railway inspector Josef Dadieu and his wife Friederike Dadieu Pelkhofer. His primary and secondary schooling were in Maribor. The family was expelled from Slovenia in 1919 as part of the post-World War I drawing of borders and movement of people within what was the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In the fall of 1919 he began chemistry at the Technical University in Graz. He was active in fraternities and the Alpine Association. He graduated in 1923 as an engineer and thereafter was a research assistant at the Technical University Graz. In 1926 he received his doctorate with a thesis on electromotive behavior of aluminum. From 1930 he moved to the University of Graz, where in March 1932 he became an associate professor of inorganic and physical chemistry. In 1935 he received the Lieben Prize (the "Austrian Nobel Prize") for his work in the field of Raman spectroscopy.

Dadieu was politically active, first from 1927 to 1930 in the Styrian Homeland Security. In 1932 he joined the NSDAP (Nazi Party). In 1936 he was "People Policy Advisor" for the Fatherland Front in Styria and worked secretly for the banned NSDAP. From 1937 he covertly made explosives for the party in his university laboratory, and carried out research and set up an intelligence service for Hermann Goering. After the German annexation of Austria in March 1938 Dadieu was named state governor and Gauhauptmanns for Styria. He had joined the SS in July 1936 and was appointed Standartenfuehrer. Until 1941 he was also the NSDAP Gau Economics Adviser in Gau Styria and Head of the Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry. From July 1940 to July 1941 Dadieu served as a Stuka pilot in World War II. In 1942 he was appointed Oberfuehrer, then from 1943-1945, Gaudozentenbundfuehrer in Styria.

In May 1945 Dadieu was arrested by soldiers of the Red Army, but was able to escape after a brief detention. On January 13, 1946, his name appeared on a list of war criminals in the Wiener Zeitung. In March 1948 he was arrested in Austria and again set free, after which he fled across the border into Italy and then to Argentina. He was adviser to the Peron government, especially on the subject of rocket propellants (Argentine Condor missile). Austria seized Dadieu's assets in 1950.

In 1958 Dadieu left Argentina and took up a position at the Institute of Jet Propulsion in Stuttgart. Since 1962 he headed the Institute of Rocket Propellants in Stuttgart, then from 1970 the Institute of Chemical rocket engines in Lampoldshausen. He was a member of the Committees on Post-Apollo Projects and the successor for the Europa III launcher. He worked for the OTRAG and as an expert for the German government. He retired to Graz.

Country: Germany.

1901 August 20 - .
1978 April 6 - .

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