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1923 Chronology

1923 - During the year - .
  • Oberth proposes circumlunar flight - . Nation: Germany. Related Persons: Oberth.

    In a discussion of the uses of an interplanetary rocket, Hermann Oberth proposed circumlunar flight to explore the hidden face of the moon and discussed the possibility of storing cryogenic fuels in space. A spacecraft could rendezvous and dock in earth orbit with a fuel capsule. When the spacecraft reached the vicinity of a planet, it would detach itself from the capsule and descend to the surface. On departure, the spacecraft would ascend and reconnect to its fuel supply for the return trip.

1923 - .
  • Hermann Oberth published Die Rakete zu den Planetenraumen (The Rocket into Planetary Space). - . Nation: Austria. Related Persons: Oberth.

    Hermann Oberth published Die Rakete zu den Planetenraumen (The Rocket into Planetary Space), which contained the first serious proposal for a manned space station to appear in scientific literature rather than fiction. Oberth's study presented to the scientific community a broad treatise on the practicability and scientific value not only of manned permanent stations in orbit above the Earth, but also space flight in general. Oberth suggested a permanent station supplied by smaller rockets on a periodic basis and suggested rotation of the vehicle to produce an artificial gravity for the crew. Such a station, he said, could serve as a base for Earth observations, as a weather forecasting satellite, as a communications satellite, and as a refueling station for extraterrestrial vehicles launched from orbit.

1923-1924 - .
  • Goddard develops liquid propellant engine - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Goddard. Goddard developed a small liquid-oxygen pump and engine, which operated, but was on too small a scale to be satisfactory..

1923 January 13 - .
  • Birth of John W Paup - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Paup. American North American engineer who managed their winning Apollo proposal and was the company's Apollo program manager 1961-1964. Replaced under NASA pressure, he died in 1968 before his spacecraft made it to the moon..

1923 February 13 - .
  • Birth of Charles E Yeager - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Yeager. Premier American test pilot. First person to break the sound barrier. Flew all of the pioneering jet and rocketplanes of the 1950's, by the 1990's had flown 201 types of military aircraft and more than 14,000 flying hours..

1923 March 12 - .
  • Birth of Walter Marty Jr 'Wally' Schirra - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Schirra. American test pilot astronaut. Flew on Mercury MA-8, Gemini 6, Apollo 7. Member of first crew to rendezvous in space, and commander of first manned Apollo mission. Remembered both for practical jokes and uncompromising attention to detail..

1923 March 19 - .
  • US Navy discontinues contract with Goddard - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Goddard. During the previous three years, at a total cost of $ 2,000, Goddard had developed a rocket-propelled depth charge and anti-ship missile with an armour-piercing warhead. The Navy sees no future potential in the work..

1923 May 13 - .
  • Birth of Donald Milton Sorlie - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Sorlie. American test pilot, 1962-1973. Flights of the M2-F2. Colonel, USAF Selected as a military astronaut candidate in 1973. Later made flights of the M2-F2 lifting body. Retired on 30 June 1973..

1923 May 21 - .
  • Birth of Pavel Artemyevich Agadzhanov - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Agadzhanov. Russian officer. Deputy Chief for Scientific Research at Central KIK Tracking Centre, 1957-1971..

1923 June 17 - .
  • Birth of Stuart Row Childs - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Childs. American test pilot. Flew the X-1B..

1923 July 29 - .
  • Birth of Melvin Sherman Day - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Day. American engineer. Worked in leadership positions in the area of technical information services at the AEC (1947-1960) and NASA (1960-1970)..

1923 August 29 - .
  • Birth of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Maksimov - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Maksimov. Russian officer. Deputy Chief of TsKIK. Later Commander of GUKOS / UNKS 1979-1989..

1923 September 20 - .
  • Birth of John E Naugle - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Naugle. American physicist, at NASA 1959-1981, developed projects to study the magnetosphere..

1923 October 17 - .
  • Birth of Vladimir Fedorovich Utkin - . Nation: Russia. Related Persons: Utkin. Russian chief designer. Deputy Chief Designer 1961-1971 of Yangel design bureau. Succeeded Yangel as Chief Designer in 1971. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, left the Ukraine in 1990 to become head of TsAGI in Moscow..

1923 November 1 - .
  • Goddard tests first liquid rocket motor. - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Goddard. Robert H. Goddard successfully operated a liquid oxygen and gasoline rocket motor on a testing frame, both fuel components being supplied by pumps installed on the rocket..

1923 November 18 - .
  • Birth of Alan Bartlett Jr 'Al' Shepard - . Nation: USA. Related Persons: Shepard. American test pilot astronaut. Flew on Mercury MR-3, Apollo 14. First American in space. Grounded due on medical grounds during Gemini, but reinstated, becoming fifth person to walk on the moon. Millionaire entrepreneur on the side., Apollo 14, , , , , ,.

1923 December 15 - . Launch Vehicle: V-2.
  • Die Rakete zu den Planetenräume published. - . Nation: Germany. Related Persons: Oberth, von Braun.

    Die Rakete zu den Planetenräume (The Rocket Into Interpanetary Space) by Hermann Oberth was published in Germany, and was the genesis for considerable discussion of rocket propulsion. The book would have a huge and life-changing impact on ten year old Wernher Von Braun.

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