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Visible astronomy satellite
Category of spacecraft.


OAO American visible astronomy satellite. Astronomy, UV satellite built by Grumman Aerospace Corp. for NASA, USA. Launched 1966.

ANS Dutch UV/x-rary astronomy satellite. Astronomical Netherlands Satellite; lower than planned orbit. Astronomy (UV, X-ray) satellite built by ICANS, Netherlands. Launched 1974.

ISS Space Telescope American visible astronomy satellite. Study 1988. The Space Station's free-flying unmanned platforms were all deleted in 1987-90 to compensate for the budget cuts. However, some of them may yet be reintroduced in the 21st century.

Hipparcos European visible astronomy satellite. Scientific satellite for astrometry. Didn't reach GEO due to AKM failure; measured star positions. Frequency plan 2054.25 /2241 MHz. Launch time 2325:53 UT. Designator ESA/89/03. Astrometry satellite built by Matra Marconi Space (satellite prime, payload), Alenia Spazio (co-prime: spacecraft procurement) for ESA, Europe. Launched 1989.

HST American visible astronomy satellite. The Hubble Space Telescope was designed to provide a space telescope with an order of magnitude better resolution than ground-based instruments. Astronomy satellite built by Lockheed for NASA, ESA, Europe. Launched 1990.

Simplesat American visible astronomy satellite. Simplesat was intended to test methods for building cheap astronomical satellites and controlling them from a inexpensive ground stations. Astronomy, technology satellite for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA. Launched 2001.

WST American visible astronomy satellite. Study 2002. 6 m deep space telescope slated to replace the Hubble Space Telescope from 2010.

Most Canadian visible astronomy satellite. MOST was a suitcase-sized microsatellite designed to probe stars and extrasolar planets by measuring tiny light variations undetectable from Earth. Astronomy satellite built by Dynacon Enterprises Ltd. for CSA, Canada. Launched 2003.

Corot French visible astronomy satellite. Astronomy satellite built by Alcatel Space for CNES, ESA, France. Launched 2006. Used the Proteus Bus bus.

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