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Sidewinder AIM-9

Philco 1950's USAF air-to-air missile. Infrared-homing air-to-air missile..


More at: Sidewinder AIM-9.


Sidewinder AIM-9B American air-to-air missile. +-25 deg field of regard. Uncooled Pbs IR-homing

Sidewinder F.G.W.2 British air-to-air missile. British license-built version of AIM-9B.

Sidewinder AIM-9C American air-to-air missile. Reworked into Sidearm anti-radar missile.

Sidewinder AIM-9D American air-to-air missile. 40 deg look, N2 cooled Pbs IR-homing

Sidewinder AIM-9E American air-to-air missile. 40 deg look, Peltier cooled Pbs IR-homing

Sidewinder AIM-9G American air-to-air missile. As D + Expanded Acquisition Mode IR-homing

Sidewinder AIM-9H American air-to-air missile. As AIM-9G but with solid state IR-homing.

Sidewinder AIM-9J American air-to-air missile. Improved AIM-9E with partial solid state IR-homing

Sidewinder AIM-9L American air-to-air missile. All-aspect, +-67 degree off-boresight capabilty. Field of regard with InSb seeker +-27 deg before launch. License-built by Mitsubishi in Japan for F-4EJ, F-15J.

Sidewinder AIM-9M American air-to-air missile. As AIM-9L but with reduced smoke, better IRCCM, improved target acquisition and lock-on capability.

PL-5 Chinese air-to-air missile. AIM-9G look-alike

PL-5B Chinese air-to-air missile. Has off-boresight firing capability. Series production began in 1986.

PL-9 Chinese air-to-air missile. Larger version of PL-5. All-aspect capability seeker. Production certified in 1991. Available for export. Similar to US Army Chaparral. Naval derivative designated Type 88C.

Sidewinder AIM-9A American air-to-air missile. Infrared-homing air-to-air missile. The first successful air-to-air missile, copied in Russia and China, licensed to many allies, and continuing in production into the 21st Century.

Sidewinder AIM-9N American air-to-air missile. As AIM-9J but with improved solid state IR-homing.

Sidewinder AIM-9P American air-to-air missile. As AIM-9N +but with reliability improvements. Export missile.

Sidewinder AIM-9R American air-to-air missile. Improved AIM-9M. Cancelled.

Sidewinder AIM-9S American air-to-air missile. As AIM-9M but with larger warhead

Sidewinder AIM-9X American air-to-air missile. Redesign to meet challenge of foreign missiles. 90-deg. off-boresight capability. Some stealth, smaller fins and rudders.

Tien Chien 1 Taiwanese air-to-air missile. Based on the AIM-9N Sidewinder.

Country: USA. Agency: Philco.

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