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Russian surface-to-air missile. Enormous surface-to-air missile developed by Grushin after the failure of the Dal project. Deployed in limited numbers and exported to countries in the Mideast to defend against American high-altitude, high-speed SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft.

AKA: 5V21;Angara;Gammon;SA-5;V-860. Status: Active. Payload: 217 kg (478 lb). Gross mass: 2,800 kg (6,100 lb). Height: 10.60 m (34.70 ft). Diameter: 0.86 m (2.82 ft). Span: 2.90 m (9.50 ft). Apogee: 20 km (12 mi).

In the 1960's Grushin developed the 5V21 missile for the S-200 Angara surface-to-air missile system. This had a range of over 150 km and incorporated several new principles. It was equipped with the first semi-active radar homing head. The aerodynamic surfaces automatically adjusted according to the velocity and altitude of the rocket. In the Mideast, this missile successfully intercepted Israeli reconnaissance aircraft at a range of 190 km in the 1980's. This performance was unmatched in the world. The missile was used as the booster for the experimental Kholod hypersonic scramjet. Two launches of this were made on 28 November 1991 and 17 November 1992 as part of an experimental program run by TsIAM.

Maximum target speed 4300 kph. One missile per launch vehicle. Western sources mixed this missile up with the Dal system, later code-named Gammon, with lateral boosters. Vega/Dubna code names used as well.

Radars: 5N69 Big Back early warning radar, D band, range 500 km. P-35M/1RL139 Bar Lock-B target acquisition radar, E/F band, range 320 km. 5N62 Square Pair target tracking radar, H band, range 270 km. PRV-11 Side Net height finding radar, E band, range 180 km.

Maximum range: 150 km (90 mi). Boost Propulsion: Solid rocket. Maximum speed: 4,900 kph (3,000 mph). Minimum range: 7.00 km (4.30 mi). Initial Operational Capability: 1967. Total Number Built: 2000. Floor: 300 m (980 ft).


V-860P Russian surface-to-air missile.

V-860PV Russian surface-to-air missile.

V-870 Russian surface-to-air missile.

V-880 Russian surface-to-air missile.

V-880E Russian surface-to-air missile. Export version.

V-880N Russian surface-to-air missile.

V-880M Russian surface-to-air missile. Fakel-designed missile; not widely exported until 1980s.

TT-200 engine NASDA solid rocket engine. TT-200 first stage.

Family: surface-to-air. Country: Russia. Agency: Almaz bureau, Grushin. Bibliography: 563, 571, 8564.

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