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American agency. USAF Rome, Rome, New York, USA.

Location: Rome, New York.

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USAF Rome Chronology

1991 June 29 - . 14:00 GMT - . Launch Site: Vandenberg. Launch Complex: Vandenberg SLC5. LV Family: Scout. Launch Vehicle: Scout G. LV Configuration: Scout G-1 S216C.
  • REX - . Payload: REX 1. Mass: 85 kg (187 lb). Nation: USA. Agency: USAF Rome. Class: Earth. Type: Ionosphere satellite. Spacecraft: REX. USAF Sat Cat: 21527 . COSPAR: 1991-045A. Apogee: 869 km (539 mi). Perigee: 767 km (476 mi). Inclination: 89.5000 deg. Period: 101.30 min. Summary: Radiation Experiment; tested communications components in high radiation environment. Spacecraft engaged in research and exploration of the upper atmosphere or outer space (US Cat B)..

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