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Italian agency overseeing development of spacecraft. Telespazio, Italy.

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  • Italsat Italian communications satellite. 6 launches, 1991.01.15 (Italsat 1) to 2009-04-20. More...

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  • Agency Agencies or institutions overseeing design, development, construction, or operation of space-related systems. More...

Telespazio Chronology

1993 August 31 - . 04:40 GMT - . Launch Site: Plesetsk. LV Family: Tsiklon. Launch Vehicle: Tsiklon-3.
  • Temisat - . Payload: Temisat / S5M. Mass: 42 kg (92 lb). Nation: Italy. Agency: Telespazio. Class: Communications. Type: Civilian communications satellite. Spacecraft: Temisat. USAF Sat Cat: 22783 . COSPAR: 1993-055B. Apogee: 967 km (600 mi). Perigee: 936 km (581 mi). Inclination: 82.6000 deg. Period: 104.10 min. The Temisat micro-satellite was a piggyback payload designed to collect and re-transmit environmental data from terrestrial sensors and was separated from Meteor-2-21 on the seventh transit of the flight. Temisat was registered by the Telespazio Italian partner in agreement with the Kaiser-Threde Company (Munich). Environmental measurements were acquired through ground sensors, collected, temporarily stored on the ground, and logged by an autonomous terminal until upload request is received from TEMISAT.Characteristics: (a) Mass 42 kg (b) Dimension 35 x 35 x 35 cm, (c) Electric power 62 W Max, (d) Attitude control : 2 magnetic coil, 1 Am**2, (e) On-board memories - 2 of 8.5 Mbytes each, (f) Lifetime 5 years. Drift of the ascending node of orbital plane: 0.8 deg/d westwards. Copassenger of METEOR 2 satellite.

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