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Japanese agency. Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Japan, Japan.

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  • Agency Agencies or institutions overseeing design, development, construction, or operation of space-related systems. More...

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  • BS Medium-scale broadcasting satellites for experimental purposes and communications to Japanese home islands. More...

NHK Chronology

1994 July 8 - . 23:05 GMT - . Launch Site: Kourou. Launch Complex: Kourou ELA2. LV Family: Ariane. Launch Vehicle: Ariane 44L. LV Configuration: Ariane 44L V65.
  • Yuri 3N - . Payload: BS-3N. Mass: 1,210 kg (2,660 lb). Nation: Japan. Agency: NHK. Manufacturer: Lockheed. Program: BS. Class: Communications. Type: Civilian communications satellite. Spacecraft: AS 3000. USAF Sat Cat: 23176 . COSPAR: 1994-040B. Apogee: 35,797 km (22,243 mi). Perigee: 35,777 km (22,230 mi). Inclination: 0.0500 deg. Period: 1,436.15 min. Summary: Stationed at 109.67 deg E. Positioned in geosynchronous orbit at 109 deg E in 1994-1999 As of 5 September 2001 located at 109.71 deg E drifting at 0.013 deg W per day. As of 2007 Mar 11 located at 109.92E drifting at 0.008W degrees per day..

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