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Russian agency. Izmiran, Russia.

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Izmiran Chronology

1973 June 29 - . Launch Site: Kheysa. LV Family: MR-12. Launch Vehicle: MR-12.
  • FEYERVERK Active Plasma mission - . Nation: USSR. Agency: IZMIRAN. Apogee: 120 km (70 mi).

2006 May 26 - . 18:50 GMT - . Launch Site: Barents Sea Launch Area. Launch Pad: 69.5 N x 34.2 E. Launch Platform: K-84. LV Family: R-29. Launch Vehicle: Shtil-1/1N. LV Configuration: Shtil-1/1N s/n No2.
  • Kompass-2 - . Mass: 80 kg (176 lb). Nation: Russia. Agency: Izmiran. Manufacturer: Makeyev. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: Kompas. USAF Sat Cat: 29157 . COSPAR: 2006-019A. Apogee: 492 km (305 mi). Perigee: 402 km (249 mi). Inclination: 78.9000 deg. Period: 93.50 min. Complex Orbital Magneto-Plasma Autonomous Small Satellite. Earthquake research satellite for the Moscow-based IZMIRAN science institute. The satellite carried detectors for electrons, UHF/VHF waves, UV emission and radiation, a radio frequency analyser for electric field waves, and a Mayak ionospheric beacon. Reports indicated that the satellite did not respond to ground commands and that its mission was abandoned.

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