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Spanish manufacturer of spacecraft. Construcciones Aeronauticas SA, Madrid, Spain.

Location: Madrid.

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  • Minisat American technology satellite. One launch, 1997.04.21. The Minisat spacecraft were built for the Spanish space Agency by CASA. More...

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CASA Chronology

1997 April 21 - . 11:59 GMT - . Launch Site: Gran Canaria DZ. Launch Pad: 27.0 N x 15.3 W. Launch Platform: L-1011. LV Family: Pegasus. Launch Vehicle: Pegasus XL. LV Configuration: Pegasus XL F15.
  • Minisat-01 - . Mass: 209 kg (460 lb). Nation: USA. Agency: INTA. Manufacturer: CASA. Class: Technology. Type: Navigation technology satellite. Spacecraft: Minisat. Decay Date: 2002-02-26 . USAF Sat Cat: 24779 . COSPAR: 1997-018A. Apogee: 580 km (360 mi). Perigee: 561 km (348 mi). Inclination: 151.0000 deg. Period: 96.00 min. Summary: Minisat-01 carried the EURD extreme ultraviolet spectrograph to study interstellar gas, the LEGRI gamma ray burst detector, and the CPLM microacceleration in liquids experiment..

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