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Many Thanks!
Contributors and acknowledgements.

Contributors and Acknowledgements

This site has been greatly enriched through the contributions and assistance of the following folks.
  • Alexander Zheleznyakov contributed the complete cosmonaut and rocket plane pilot data base, together with the rocket plane flight series data, and keeps the cosmonaut data up to date. Alexander was born on 28 January 1958 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 1980 he graduated from Leningrad Polytechnical Institute (currently, Saint Petersburg Technical University) with a degree in physics and aerodynamics. After graduation he worked in various scientific and research organisations in St. Petersburg. Currently, he is the Chief of the Foreign Economic Centre at the Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Enterprise 'RADUGA' in St. Petersburg. Married, with two daughters, his hobbies include the history of space exploration and Russian poetry.

  • Other significant contributers to the site have been Mark Lindroos, Andreas Parsch, Andre Bedard, Richard Graf, Harald Lutz and Ed Grondine.

  • In recent years, vital materials and valuable comments have been contributed by Alan Erskine, Bart Hendrickx, Joel Carpenter, Michael Cassutt, Charles P Vick, Dennis Jenkins, Dmitry Pieson, Dave Woods, Dietrich Haeseler, Joe Hopkins, J W Becker, Olaf Przybilski, Dave Michaels, Roger Moore, Rui C Barbosa, Steve Zaloga, Sven Grahn, Stefan Wotzlaw, Chen Lan, Ralf Buelow.

  • Peter Pesavento contributed his friendship, outstanding source material, and rock solid advice on many areas of this site.

  • Joe Grills contributed source articles on the planned developments of the Saturn I, II, and V launch vehicles. Joe is the Space History Editor for SPORT ROCKETRY-the official publication of the National Association Of Rocketry (NAR).

  • Dave Hostetter contributed original Marshall drawings of the final Saturn C-3, C-4, and C-5 configurations from the Frank Ordway collection. Dave is the Curator of the Planetarium, Lafayette Natural History Museum and Planetarium, Lafayette, LA.

  • Scott Lowther has produced the definitive series of monographs on Saturn upgrades and reusable configurations. He is selling the fruit of his researches at Saturn V.

  • Andrew McVey contributed biographies and photos of US Air Force MOL and X-20 astronauts.

  • Tom Gangale contributed sources and ideas for the Lunar Gemini article.

  • Mark Graybill contributed personal reminiscences and leads on these subjects.

  • James Oberg provided his articles for inclusion on the site.

  • Dan Roam contributed his exquisite renditions of X-20, Manned Orbiting Laboratory, and his support and friendship from Moscow.

  • Max Larin contributed vital information on the Burya Mach 3 ramjet.

  • Ashot Bakunts provided additional information on the Burya project.

  • Geoffrey Hall contributed updated and missing data on launch failures.

  • M J Mackowski contributed original McDonnell material on proposed Gemini variants and Big Gemini.

  • Ed Grondine contributed articles and drawings covering the Chinese space program as well as Soviet lunar orbital, Polyus, and Mir-2 space stations.

And of course many thanks to Jennifer Green, Greg Cole, and Friends and Partners in Space for the original hosting of this site. They were followed by Greg Davis, who provided a home free of charge until the traffic became too heavy to be handled. Finally Simon Mansfield provided the site's present home via www.spacedaily.com.

Thanks as well to Roger Launius, Dave Portree, Dwayne Allen Day, Andy Salmon, Asif Siddiqi, and Dennis Newkirk for their comments, corrections, and support at key points.

Many thanks also to those who have asked to by anonymous for their contributions and corrections.

If I've missed anyone, the omission is completely unintentional - let me know and I will add you to this list!!

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