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Taepodong 2

North Korean intermediate range ballistic missile. Two-stage ballistic missile. First stage is 18 m long, second is 14 m long.

Failures: 1. First Fail Date: 2006-07-04. Last Fail Date: 2006-07-04. Maximum range: 3,500 km (2,100 mi).

Status: Active.
Gross mass: 85,000 kg (187,000 lb).
Height: 32.01 m (105.03 ft).
Diameter: 2.41 m (7.90 ft).
Apogee: 1,000 km (600 mi).
First Launch: 2006.07.04.
Number: 1 .

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  • A4 The V-2, known as the A4 to its developers, was the basis for most of the rocketry that exists in the world today. It was ineffective as a weapon of war, but represented a quantum leap in technology. The A1, A2, A3, and A5 were steps in the development of the missile. Later versions - the A6 through A12 - were planned to take the Third Reich to the planets. More...
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Associated Launch Sites
  • Gitdaeryung North Korean intermediate missile base, south east of Wonson, said to be capable of launching Scud-C's, SCUD-X's and Nodong-A ballistic missiles. Known to have been used for 18 launches from 1984 to 2006, reaching up to 200 kilometers altitude. More...

Associated Stages
  • Taepodong 2-1 Nitric acid/UDMH rocket stage. 1000.00 kN (224,809 lbf) thrust. Mass 60,000 kg (132,277 lb). More...
  • Taepo Dong 2-2 Nitric acid/UDMH rocket stage. 570.00 kN (128,141 lbf) thrust. Mass 25,600 kg (56,438 lb). More...

Taepodong 2 Chronology

2006 July 4 - . 20:01 GMT - . Launch Site: Gitdaeryung. LV Family: Taepodong. Launch Vehicle: Taepodong 2. FAILURE: Failure.
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