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Russian surface-to-air missile. Naval version of the S-300 system using the 48N6Ye missile. Maximum target speed 10,000 kph.

At the beginning of the 1990's the PVO and VMF jointly sponsored development of the S-300PMU surface-to-air missile system, which used the 48N6Ye missile. This was the last rocket developed by Grushin (who died on 29 November 1993). The 48N6Ye was interchangeable with the earlier 5V55, having the same mass and dimensions, but was a completely different missile internally, with greatly improved characteristics. It had double the range, greater warhead effectiveness, and was capable of shooting down the re-entry vehicles of tactical and tactical-operative ballistic missiles.

In the beginning of the 1990's the 48N6 missile developed by Fakel was accepted in naval service in the Rif-M system. This had a maximum range of 150 km. All of these missile were launched vertically from sealed container-launchers. In comparison to the S-300F, the system used the Tomb Stone Mod target tracking radar.

Standard warhead: 150 kg (330 lb). Maximum range: 90 km (55 mi). Boost Propulsion: Solid rocket. Maximum speed: 7,560 kph (4,690 mph). Initial Operational Capability: 1990. Floor: 25 m (82 ft).

AKA: SA-N-6; Fort-M; S-300FM; Grumble; Rif-M; 48N6.
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation.
Gross mass: 1,480 kg (3,260 lb).
Payload: 150 kg (330 lb).
Height: 7.50 m (24.60 ft).
Diameter: 0.52 m (1.69 ft).
Span: 1.03 m (3.39 ft).
Apogee: 25 km (15 mi).

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  • Altair Russian manufacturer of rockets. Altair Design Bureau, Russia. More...
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