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Russian submarine-launched ballistic missile. First flight 1977.

Standard warhead: 820 kg (1,800 lb). Maximum range: 7,980 km (4,950 mi). Number Standard Warheads: 1. Warhead yield: 450 KT. CEP: 0.90 km (0.55 mi). Boost Propulsion: Storable liquid rocket. Initial Operational Capability: 1978.

AKA: RSM-50; R-29K; SS-N-18 Mod 2; 4K75K; Volna; Stingray; D-9.
Gross mass: 34,388 kg (75,812 lb).
Payload: 820 kg (1,800 lb).
Height: 14.40 m (47.20 ft).
Diameter: 1.80 m (5.90 ft).
Span: 1.80 m (5.90 ft).

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  • R-29 First intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missile (range 7800 km). First flight 1969. Development completed 1973. The variants of this missile were given three different DoD designations over the years (SS-N-8, SS-N-18, and SS-N-23). More...
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  • Makeyev Russian manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Makeyev Design Bureau, Kolomna, Russia. More...

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