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Russian intermediate range cruise missile. Development of a family of long-range cruise missiles was begun in 1956 by Ilyushin. The P-205 was a land-based strategic cruise missile based on the P-20 antiship missile. The land-launch version was developed for the VVS in 1958-1960. There were two submarine projects for the missile, 627A and 653, both designed by OKB-143. Construction of the 627A submarine began at Severodvinsk, but the work on the submarine was cancelled in November 1961.

The missile was stored in a hermetically-sealed transport-launch container. The container would be raised to a 16 degree elevation for launch. Two launches of the missile were made from a test centre in 1959 and 1960 before the land-based project was cancelled on 5 February 1960.

The P-205 also provided the basis for the P-22 antiship missile for launch from surface ships and as an unmanned reconnaissance drone. Range from a seaborne launcher would be 1800 to 2000 km.

The Sokol-A navigation system's end-of-range inertial CEP of 10 km was improved to 0.5 km through use of stellar navigation updates. The missile would cruise at an altitude of 30 km and was equipped with a type 46 warhead, with yield variable from 1 to 3 MT. Two boosters, each 1.1 m in diameter and 5.4 m long, boosted the 21 m x 2.0 m cruise stage to ramjet ignition velocity.

Maximum range: 2,000 km (1,200 mi). Standard warhead: Type 46. Warhead yield: 3,000 KT. CEP: 0.50 km (0.31 mi). Boost Propulsion: Liquid rocket.

Status: Cancelled 1961.
Height: 21.00 m (68.00 ft).
Diameter: 2.00 m (6.50 ft).
Span: 4.20 m (13.70 ft).

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  • Ilyushin Russian manufacturer of rockets. Ilyushin Design Bureau, Russia. More...

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