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Lambda 4

First Japanese orbital launch vehicle.

LEO Payload: 26 kg (57 lb).

Status: Out of production.
Payload: 26 kg (57 lb).

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Associated Countries
Associated Spacecraft
  • Ohsumi Japanese technology satellite. 4 launches, 1966.09.26 (Ohsumi 1) to 1969.09.22 (Ohsumi 4). Small engineering test satellites lofted by Japan's first indigenous launch vehicle. More...
  • Osumi Japanese technology satellite. One launch, 1970.02.11, Ohsumi 5. Engineering test for the launching of scientific satellites. Injection point 29.7 N, 145.8 E. More...

See also
  • Lambda All solid-propellant vehicle, Japan's first satellite launcher. The L-4S project simulated the procedures and demonstrated the capabilities required for orbital satellite launch essential to the follow-on Mu project. More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Nissan Japanese manufacturer of rocket engines and rockets. Nissan, Japan. More...

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