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DARPA Falcon

Falcon SLV
Credit: Department of Commerce
American low cost orbital launch vehicle. Lockheed Martin all-hybrid propulsion, mobile orbital launch system that could launch from an unimproved site with limited infrastructure on 24 hours notice, placing up to 840 kilograms into LEO

Lockheed Martin Michoud Operations of New Orleans, Louisiana was awarded one of four DARPA Force Application and Launch from CONUS (FALCON) contracts, valued at $11.7 million, in September 2004 to develop concepts for a low-cost launch vehicle. Lockheed conducted two test firings of the hybrid rocket motor that would be used on the upper stage of the SLV in 2005. DARPA was expected to award a contract no later than 2007 to develop a concept through flight tests.

LEO Payload: 840 kg (1,850 lb) to a 185 km orbit at 28.00 degrees.

Status: Development.
Payload: 840 kg (1,850 lb).
Apogee: 185 km (114 mi).

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