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Russian ballistic missile. Korolev project. Possibly designation for variant of GR-1.

Status: Study.

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Associated Engines
  • RD-109 Glushko lox/udmh rocket engine. 101.6 kN. Developed 1957-60. Isp=334s. Intended for second stage of Lox/UDMH 8K73 version of R-7. Abandoned because of Korolev's refusal to use such a toxic fuel. Later basis for RD-119 used on the Kosmos space launcher. More...

See also
  • missile Guided self-propelled military weapon (as opposed to rocket, an unguided self-propelled weapon). More...

Associated Manufacturers and Agencies
  • Korolev Russian manufacturer of rockets, spacecraft, and rocket engines. Korolev Design Bureau, Kaliningrad, Russia. More...

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