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DF-21 Chronology

2007 January 11 - . 22:28 GMT - . Launch Site: Xichang. LV Family: DF-21. Launch Vehicle: DF-21. LV Configuration: DF-21 ASAT 3.
  • Chinese ASAT destroys FY-1C target satellite. - . Nation: China. Agency: PRC. Apogee: 850 km (520 mi). The FY-1C satellite, launched on 10 May 1999, was presumably well past the end of its operational life. It was destroyed in a test of a Chinese ASAT weapon at an altitude of 850 km, 4 degrees west of Xichang. Launch vehicle was unknown, but a version of the DF-21 IRBM would be sufficient to reach that altitude. Reportedly the flight had been preceded by one to three earlier tests that were either failures or just aimed at a point in space. The program was apparently very secret, and the Chinese foreign ministry was caught by surprise by the test and the storm of international condemnation that followed. The FY-1C was blown into over 200 pieces of debris, adding immediately by 10% to the population of space junk that threatens lower-altitude satellites.

2010 January 11 - . 12:00 GMT - . Launch Site: Urumqi. LV Family: DF-21. Launch Vehicle: DF-21.
  • Interceptor - . Nation: China. Apogee: 100 km (60 mi). Summary: ABM test.

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