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1968.01.26 - Special Task Team for Apollo CSM 103

The Special Task Team for CSM 103, appointed January 18, submitted a progress report of activities during daily sessions held January 22 through 25.

North American Rockwell and NASA had reached agreements on:

- Cleaning and flushing of water management and oxygen systems. Since all aluminum lines except for three were replaced on CM 103 with new lines the resolution for cleaning and flushing these systems was quickly accomplished.

- Cleaning and flushing of water glycol system.

- Pressure integrity of the water glycol system would be confirmed by a hydrostatic check to 248 newtons per square centimeter (360 pounds per square inch). Leak integrity would be confirmed by subsequent checks with helium at 41 newtons per sq cm (60 psi).

- A resolution was obtained on the chemistry of the various cleaning and flushing fluids to be used on CM 103.

- Agreement was reached on verification of cleaning and flushing all flow paths.

The events leading to the situation on CSM 103 were reviewed in sufficient detail to make visible the errors in the discipline governing the flushing carts. RASPO Manager Wilbur H. Gray stated that it was the RASPO responsibility to ensure the upgrading and control of all such equipment which interfaced with the spacecraft. The team would convene again January 30 to review reports and continue with other activities required to ensure adequacy of the CSM 103 plumbing system.

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