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1973.07.30 - Skylab 2 mission summarized.

In a letter to the White House, NASA Administrator James C. Fletcher summarized the Skylab 2 mission.

A situation that was bleak indeed on May 14, and for several days thereafter, improved to, a point well beyond our most optimistic forecasts at that time. 'This of course was due to a courageous crew and a dedicated team of government and industrial contractor personnel, whose dedication and ability cannot be over emphasized. Not only was the crew able to accomplish the great majority of the technical and scientific objectives established for this first Skylab mission, but they were able also to repair the Skylab space station and leave it in a condition which will allow the satisfactory completion of nearly all that we desired from the overall Skylab Program, with the unexpected additional accomplishments of demonstrating the ability to respond to adversity and demonstrating the flexibility provided by the use of man and his faculties in a hostile environment....

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