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1962.11.07 - Selection of Grumman to build the Apollo lunar excursion module

NASA announced that the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation had been selected to build the lunar excursion module of the three-man Apollo spacecraft under the direction of MSC. The contract, still to be negotiated, was expected to be worth about $350 million, with estimates as high as $1 billion by the time the project would be completed.

NASA Administrator James E. Webb, in announcing the selection, remarked: "We are affirming our tentative decision of last July" (in favor of the lunar orbit rendezvous approach). D. Brainerd Holmes, NASA Director of the Office of Manned Space Flight, noted that more than one million man-hours of some 700 outstanding scientists, engineers, and researchers had gone into studies of the Apollo mission during the past year. "The results of these studies," he said, "added up to the conclusion that lunar orbit rendezvous is the preferable mode to take." With this award, the last major part of the Apollo program had been placed under contract.

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