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1965.01.06 - Preliminary Design Review of the Apollo Block II CM

The Preliminary Design Review of the Block II CM was held at North American's Downey, Calif., plant. Ten working groups evaluated the spacecraft design and resolved numerous minor details. They then reported to a review board of NASA and North American officials.

This board met in Houston during the middle of the month, reviewed the findings of the working groups, and submitted recommendations to ASPO. Several significant problems required the attention of Apollo managers at Houston and at North American:

- The effect of heavyweight LEM (up 1,361 kg (3,000 lbs)) on the spacecraft lunar adapter and on the CM's docking system. North American was studying this problem already.
- Wearing cycles and requirements for donning and stowage of the space suits must be resolved and incorporated into the CSM specifications. North American's interpretation of those specifications conflicted with the MSC Crew System Division's current plan that, during the first several missions, all three crewmen should be able to wear their suits without the helmets.

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