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1962.09.26 - Plans for Apollo Mississippi Test Facility

NASA announced that it had completed preliminary plans for the development of the $500-million Mississippi Test Facility. The first phase of a three-phase construction program would begin in 1962 and would include four test stands for static-firing the Saturn C-5 S-IC and S-II stages; about 20 support and service buildings would be built in the first phase. A water transportation system had been selected, calling for improvement of about 15 miles of river channel and construction of about 15 miles of canals at the facility.

Sverdrup and Parcel Company of St. Louis, Mo., was preparing design criteria; the Army Corps of Engineers was acquiring land for NASA in cooperation with the Lands Division of the Justice Department. The 13,500-acre facility in southwestern Mississippi was 35 miles from NASA Michoud Operations, where Saturn stages were fabricated.

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