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1969.07.18 - NASA Administrator Paine approved the shift from a "wet" to a "dry" Orbital Workshop for AAP.

NASA Administrator Thomas O. Paine approved the shift from a 'wet' to a 'dry' Orbital Workshop concept for AAP following a review presentation by program officials on the potential benefits of such a change. On 22 July, AAP Director William C. Schneider ordered program managers at the three Centers to implement the change, abandoning the idea of using a spent Saturn IB second stage for a Workshop and adopting the concept of a fully equipped 'dry' configuration-with the ATM integrated into the total payload-launched aboard a Saturn V.

Schneider ordered the Centers to reorient their respective programs, both in house and under contract, as necessary, to accommodate the new program plan. Among the actions required were Termination of the letter contract with Grumman, since the LM would no longer be required to house the ATM. Termination of North American's stop efforts with Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company for long-duration fuel cells and with Bendix Corporation for the cryogenic tank system effort. Suspension of negotiations with North American for modifications to the CSM for AAP, and the requesting of a reproposal in light of the lessened demands on the spacecraft to meet AAP's requirements. Redirection of contractual effort on the Workshop itself, as well as the AM. Redirection of minor contracts and procurements as required, as well as in-house efforts at the several Centers. Several other elements of the program also changed as a result of the reorientation: AAP changed from five to four launches, since a separate launch vehicle was not required to launch the ATM; Launch Complex 39 at KSC would be required for AAP, although Complex 37 would not be needed. Although these changes left basic program objectives unchanged, a secondary objective of an unmanned rendezvous between the LM/ATM and the cluster was eliminated. Finally, the launch date for the first AAP flight was slipped from November 1971 to July 1972.

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