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1967.01.17 - Manned space plans reviewed

At a meeting of the VPK Military-Industrial Commission and Chief Designers current manned space plans are reviewed.

The cosmonauts are currently organised in the following training groups:

- 7K-OK Soyuz: Commanders: Gagarin, Nikolayev, Komarov, Bykovskiy, Beregovoi, Shatalov; EVA teams: Khrunov-Yeliseyev, Gorbatko-Kubasov, Kolodin-Volkov
- L1 missions with 'embarkation' in low earth orbit profile: Commanders: Leonov, Popovich, Belyayev, Volynov, Klimuk; Engineer-cosmonauts: Makarov, Voronov, Rukavishnikov, Artyukhin
- L1 with single-launch direct flight to the moon misison profile: Gagarin, Nikolayev, Komarov, Bykovskiy, Khrunov; Engineer-Cosmonauts: Gorbatko, Grechko, Sevastyanov, Kubasov, Volkov

It is proposed at the meeting that the L1 fly with only one cosmonaut aboard. A bitter argument ensues.

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