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1961.05.25 - Lundin Committee to assess Lunar landing mission

Robert C. Seamans, Jr., NASA's Associate Administrator, requested the Directors of the Office of Launch Vehicle Programs and the Office of Advanced Research Programs to bring together members of their staffs with other persons from NASA Headquarters to assess a wide variety of possible ways of accomplishing the lunar landing mission. This study was to supplement the one being done by the Ad Hoc Task Group for Manned Lunar Landing Study (Fleming Committee) but was to be separate from it.

Bruce T. Lundin was appointed Chairman of the study group (Lundin Committee). The following guidelines were suggested :

- All possible approaches for accomplishing the manned lunar landing mission in the 1967-1970 period should be considered.
- Primary emphasis should be placed on the launch vehicle portion of the system: vehicle size and type, the use of rendezvous, etc.
- Nuclear-powered launch vehicles should not be considered for use in the early manned lunar landing missions.
- Advantages, disadvantages, and problems associated with each technique should be indicated and, based on these, a relative rating of the various methods. should be established.
- The time phasing and a rough order of magnitude cost should be indicated for each method considered.
- The study should be completed at about the same time as the one under way by the Ad Hoc Task Group on Manned Lunar Landing Study.

The Lundin Committee report was submitted June 10.

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