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1967.03.20 - Langley custodian of all materials dealing with the Apollo 204 accident

The Deputy Administrator of NASA designated Langley Research Center custodian of all materials dealing with the investigation and review of the January 27 Apollo 204 accident. Review Board Chairman Floyd Thompson, LaRC, who had the responsibility of determining the materials to be included in the final repository, determined that the following categories of materials were to be preserved.

- Reports, files, and working materials;

- Medical reports;

- Spacecraft 012 command module, its systems, components, and related drawings.

Category 1 materials would be stored at LaRC, Category 2 at MSC, and Category 3 at KSC.

In other actions Robert W. Van Dolah, Chairman of the Origin and Propagation of Fire Panel, reported on a test being conducted in CM 014 to attempt to establish the amount of static electricity that might be generated by a suited crewman; and members of the Board met with MSC Director Robert R. Gilruth and members of his staff, as well as management and engineering personnel of North American Aviation, for a presentation concerning solder joints in the CM.

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