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1967.05.01 - Impact of the Apollo AS-204 accident estimated at $81 million

MSC estimated the effect of the Apollo 204 fire on program costs for FY 1967 and 1968, in reply to April 26 instructions from NASA Apollo Program. Manager Samuel C. Phillips.

Estimates were:

- Command and service modules: $25 million

- Lunar module: $21 million

- Other: $35 million

- Total: $81 million

Further, the program extension resulting from the accident would require an additional budget allocation during FY 1969 and continuing through program runout. A May 4 message from MSC confirmed the information telephoned to Headquarters May 1.

The following ground rules had been used in estimating the cost impact:

- All changes planned as of May 1 for the command and service modules and the lunar module were included.
- Vehicle delivery dates were as of April 29. Guidance and navigation schedules were adjusted to support revised CSM and LM need dates.

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