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1965.08.23 - Ground rules for qualifying equipment for Apollo Block II

Joseph F. Shea, ASPO Manager, summarized ground rules on the schedules for qualifying and delivering equipment for Block II spacecraft,

- All components installed on the Block II test vehicle (2TV-1) and on Block II flight vehicles must be production hardware. (Prototype units were unacceptable.)
- Any changes from the configuration of CSM 103 in 2TV-1, 101, or 102 must be essential to the specific mission requirements of those vehicles.
- Delivery schedules must be compatible with North American's needs. (North American was allowed some leeway in installing components, provided that such reordering was feasible and did not affect overall checkout and delivery schedules for the vehicle.)
- Qualification testing must be scheduled so that all equipment was qualified before February 15, 1967.
- Launch-constraining ground tests must be scheduled for completion at least six weeks before that launch.

Shea alone had authority to waive these schedule rules.

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