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1968.05.25 - Effects of launch vehicle "pogo" vibrations - on Apollo spacecraft studied

ASPO Manager George M. Low informed Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips of recent MSC work on the effects of launch vehicle-induced oscillations - i.e., "pogo" vibrations - on the spacecraft and its subsystems.

MSC had made two key personnel assignments in this area:

- Rolf W. Lanzkron managed all MSC activities in connection with the space vehicle dynamic integrity problem; and

- astronaut Charles M. Duke coordinated all MSC's efforts with related work at MSFC.

Low also cited a number of decisions in the hardware and testing areas. He had decided to use CM 002B, SM 105, and LM-2 for pogo dynamics testing. Other ground test hardware included LTA-3 for manned drop tests and for additional structural verification tests, CM 102 to verify parachute-imposed loads on the spacecraft structure, and CMs 014 and 102 for additional structural tests at North American Rockwell. In deciding upon uses for these and other spacecraft hardware items, MSC had assigned first priority to the ground test program, second to another potential unmanned Saturn V flight, and third to the dual launch capability.

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