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1967.02.03 - Changes in the Apollo 204 Review Board

In memoranda for the Apollo 204 Review Board, NASA Deputy Administrator Seamans noted changes in the Board.

- Frank A. Long, President's Scientific Advisory Committee member and Vice President for Research and Advanced Studies at Cornell University, was no longer a member of the Board, effective February 1.
- Robert W. Van Dolah, Research Director for the Explosive Research Center of the Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior, was appointed to the Board effective February 1.
- George Jeffs - Chief Engineer, Apollo, North American Aviation, Inc. - was consultant rather than member of the Board effective February 2.

Seamans also amplified and documented the oral instructions given to the Chairman January 28, 1967:

- The Chairman was to establish procedures for the organization and operation of the Board as he found most effective, and the procedures were to be part of the Board's records.
- Board members were to be appointed or removed by the Deputy Administrator after consultation with the Chairman as necessary for the Board's effective action.
- The Chairman could establish procedures to ensure the execution of his responsibility in his absence.
- The Chairman was to appoint or designate representatives, consultants, experts, liaison officers, observers, or other officials as required to support Board activities. He was to define their duties and responsibilities as part of the Board's records.
- The Chairman was to advise the Deputy Administrator periodically on the organization, procedures, and operations of the Board and its associated officials.
- The Chairman was to ensure that the counsel to the Board maintained memoranda records covering areas of possible litigation.

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