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1967.04.21 - Apollo 204 Review Board findings reviewed

NASA Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight George E.

Mueller instructed NASA Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips, MSC Director Robert R. Gilruth, and KSC Director Kurt H. Debus to review all findings and recommendations of the Apollo 204 Review Board and assign responsibility to an appropriate person for

- program office evaluation of the findings and recommendations,

- the action to be taken on each finding or recommendation,

- the date on which this action was to be completed, and

- the preparation of a report closing out the accident.

Upon completion of items (1) and (2) above, the responsible subsystem or system manager was to review his evaluation and planned actions with the Chairman of the Board panel responsible for determining the findings and recommendations, to be sure that they had been properly interpreted. Appropriate certification of facts would be signed by the panel Chairman.

Mueller specified that "Review Boards at the two Centers, either assisting or set up for this review, should review the above actions with respect to the findings and recommendations of the 204 Review Board; and to each other to be sure that we have a consistent and adequate approach to the problems and that the statement of actions and the actions themselves are feasible, and are clearly enough expressed so as to be unambiguous in content."

The above actions were to be completed by April 28 and reported to NASA Hq. in a form that could be presented to Congress.

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