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1967.03.28 - Apollo 204 Review Board asked for a report on the Pyrotechnic Installation Building activity

Apollo 204 Review Board Chairman Floyd Thompson asked for a report on the Pyrotechnic Installation Building activity.

Disassembly of spacecraft 012 had been completed March 27. Of 1,261 items logged through the bond room for display to Board and panel personnel, about 1,000 items were from the CM.

The final report of the Screening Committee was distributed to the Board by George T. Sasseen, KSC, for review. Sasseen stated that the following items would be retained as Category A (items damaged or identified as suspect or associated with anomalies).

- Lower equipment bay junction box cover plate
- Command pilot's torso harness
- Velcro and Raschel netting
- Static inverter 2
- Main display control panel 8
- Instrumentation data distribution panel J800/J850
- Octopus cable.

Maxime A. Faget, MSC, advised the Board that the lithium hydroxide cartridge had been sent to MSC for analysis. Hubert D. Calahan, OMSF, was appointed courier to handcarry the item to MSC and Richard S. Johnston, MSC, was designated the Board's witness for the analysis. MSC's Crew Systems Laboratory was to make the analysis and report to the Board. The analysis was to identify contaminants to determine the quantity of carbon dioxide in the lithium hydroxide.

William D. Mangan, Langley Research Center, joined the legal staff supporting the Board.

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